Holiness and expression of worship coming from inside

“… the beauty of holiness, the expression of worship, is something which breaks through from inside. It is centred in a heart filled with reverent fear, seeking to discover the will of God and to answer it in humble joy; a life trembling at His word and responsive to His command; walking in the way of God’s appointment, whatever it may be, like sheep content with the pasture which the shepherd has selected; a life of holiness unfolding the beauty which glorifies God.

The phrase occurs in Psalm 29:2, one more proof that worship is achieved by giving glory to God: “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” If we seek to do the first in the regular exercise of the life of faith, we shall thereby worship the great God in the daily experience of discipleship.

Psalm 115 reveals a great principle—that men become like the God they worship—false or true. The end of true worship is Godlikeness. This principle is at the root of a great New Testament word: “We shall be like him”. But one thing is essential—that the worship is true.”

– Dennis Gillett
The Genius of Discipleship
Worship – Part 2
The Beauty of Holiness


Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling > Schoonheid van heiligheid
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    Many seem to have the wrong concept of worship. After pondering on Worship, worship is not in the music of particular, it does not matter how old, new, fast or slow it is. God has open my heart and understanding that Christian music is a label we give in flesh. If someone was to play music without any words would you be able to tell if it is Christian music? No. God created music and He loves music. He gives each person their gift be it Rock, contemporary, or R&B.
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    The presence of God was so thick in the sanctuary, that our pastor was unable to preach his message. God just wanted our worship!
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    Sound was vital to Old Testament worship. The choral compositions of the Psalms were moving to the Spirit. They were accompanied by the full harmony and rhythm supplied by the harp, the lyre, the flute, and trumpets. The piano and the organ are marvelous instruments, but they cannot produce the sounds that the other instruments provide. Hymns and choral anthems are greatly enhanced when they are supported with greater orchestration.
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    God’s right to be worshipped (vv. 1-7).  Contemplate the reasons we are given that God deserved the worship of Israel, and why we should still worship Him today.  What are His attributes that are deserving of worship?
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    worship is not about what we bring to God. If we worship in that mindset, then worship becomes about us, about trying to bring the best offering we can. But don’t get me wrong, I’d say worship is our offering, but it’s not about our offering. It’s about giving thanks to God for His many offerings to us.

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