Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #16 Benefits of praying

Benefits of praying

People wonder what is the use of prayer or speaking to someone who we cannot see or hear. Though we cannot see God, He took care that those who are willing to find and to hear Him shall really find and hear Him. In the Holy Scriptures we can see many examples of the use of Scriptures and how people where helped after they prayed. We can find in many their lives enough examples how they got many benefits from spending time in prayer.

God can help us solve our problems and answer our questions. He gives us joy and peace, heals our heartaches, comforts us when we’re sorrowful, and encourages us to go on when we think we can’t. Prayer clears our vision, quiets our heart and activates our faith.
Time spent in quiet reflection and listening builds inner strength that will get us through life’s toughest times.

Jesus in Pray
Jesus in Pray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the closest to the Most High, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, spent whole nights in prayer while he lived on earth communing with his Father. His prayers were not just petitions to get something. He more than once demonstrated how we also could pray to his Father. In the work and life of Jesus Christ we can see how Jesus wanted to do the Will of his Father, to what purpose Jesus lived but also to what purpose he prayed. Many times Jesus spoke about the importance of the relationship with his Father. He also talked about and showed us the means which his Father provided to come to a better relationship with Him. The highest purpose of prayer is to deepen our relationship with the Almighty God. Prayer does involve petition and intercession, but it also includes communion.

Many people do forget that God is an ever present God; and not only in times of need. The problem is we are always waiting until there is a time of need for us to pray and seek God. The people want only things in their own benefit, often not wondering if it would be really of their best interest. Many think prayer is only something to ask God. Instead of being wise and being busy praying as Paul said, without ceasing planting seeds, so that when those times of need arises we would be well equipped to handle the issues surrounding us.

It is not wrong to tell God about our situation and to bring our concerns to Him. We may let Him know our fears, worriespain, etc. but we must always remember that though we are informing God about our situations, He already knows about them. In a certain way it is not really necessary to mention our worries but by opening up in front of God we should honestly let our heart speak. As humans those annoyances often are the ones to speak about first. But why should we bother God with all those small problems? We sincerely should look first if that what we want to pray for is really something to bother God with. Next we should also consider if it would not be better to use our time with God for others or for the most important matters in our life.

Later we shall also come back onto the conditions of prayer. There we shall show that first of all we should be hoping and willing to do the Will of God and trust Him who knows what is best for us. As such we should not be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving (Philippians 4: 6-7).

“(6) Do not worry at all, but in every matter, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to Elohim. (7) And the peace of Elohim, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds through Messiah יהושע {Jeshua}.” (Philippians 4:6-7 The Scriptures 1998+)

To get our prayers answered faith will really make a difference. Without faith in God it has no use to call on Him except when we are at the beginning point in our search for Him. If we want to find Him, but not yet believe totally in Him He shall be willing to come to our help as well. Once we got to know about the existence of God we should change our attitude towards Him and His creation. Having faith in Him shall mean that there is not only the belief but also the trust in Him. When there is trust in God there should also be the hope and the belief in Him and His promises.

When we have faith in God we can allow Him to have a personal relationship and to play an important part in our live. By praying we confess our faith in Him and put our hope in this special personal relationship, Him enriching our lives and getting prayers answered. By believing and putting our trust in God we open up the door for God to work in our lives.

When we communicate to and listen to our heavenly Father, we grow in His grace and in His knowledge, becoming more sensitive to and more aware of His constant presence and protection in our lives.

As believers in Christ we have been given at least one gift, and although everyone isn’t called to be a pastor, teacher, or evangelist, the privilege of prayer is available to all who have trusted Christ as Saviour.

Like nothing in life will work if you don’t do it right. No matter what you believe. So it is also with prayer, it can only work out or bring the benefits you are looking for if those benefits you are asking are the right ones and when you do ask it in the right way and with believe in the One you are asking. When you are not ignorant of God’s Word, a prayer offered in faith shall bring forth its benefits and great shall be the power of a good man’s fervent prayer.


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  • Daniel the Prophet (
    We do not live in the first generation where authorities have tinkered with outlawing prayer.  Daniel’s enemies were envious of him and schemed to trap him for praying to Jehovah. This led to his being thrown into a Lion’s den.  Jehovah rescues him. The officials pay with their lives.

    It is wise for us to contemplate and meditate appreciatively on stories such as this. Doing so will increase our faith in the trueness of the scriptures and draw us closer to Jehovah.

  • Babylon – The First Human Rebellion (
    The religion and worship thatwas established in Ancient Babylon spread to every part of the earth.  Even today, we can see the tentacles of Babylon’s False worship in  the varied religions of the world – even in Christendom.That is why False religion today is called “Babylon The Great”

    Nimrod and ancient Babylon are gone – but the apostate religion that was started there – still lives on.

  • Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will Be Done – as it is done in Heaven – also upon this earth. (
    Let your Kingdom come / upon this earth reside / Your will – it shall be done / by everyone – “World-Wide”

    These words Christ said in prayer / For all to learn and say / Petitioning His God / in this very special way

  • The Prayer Piece (1) (
    John 17:1 begins what is truly “the Lord’s prayer.” What we commonly refer to as “the Lord’s prayer” is actually the apostles/disciple’s prayer; a prayer Jesus gave to them in response to their question, “teach US to pray.” Here in John 17, we read the words of Jesus in conversation with His Father, in closing His last formal act with those on earth that He holds most dear.
  • The Divine Service: Part 7 – The Service Of The Word (Concluded) (
    It’s that last thing— the prayers— that we’ll take up first and then we’ll look at the Offerings, as we conclude our look at “the Service of the Word”.
    As God’s children we are to look to God for everything, and pray regularly and frequently according to his command, invitation, and promise.
    We are to pray for all Christians and all people— even our enemies.
    Among the many things included in these prayers, we ask the Lord to protect his Church on earth, to preserve the purity of the Gospel and right administration of the Sacraments, to send out workers into the harvest field, and to aid those set over us in the Church. We pray for “kings and all who are in high positions”; men and women in our government and governments around the world, that God would give them wisdom and make them capable leaders, that through them peace might prevail so the Gospel might be proclaimed. We pray for God’s Spirit grant faith to those in the darkness of unbelief and to bring back into the fold those who have wandered from the faith.
  • Can we really ask for anything in Jesus’ name? (
    Can Christians really ask for absolutely anything in Jesus’ name and receive it? Does asking in Jesus’ name give our prayers an extra boost? Is it some kind of magical saying that means that anything that you ask for will come true? Some take this teaching to mean these very things. However, this is not the actual meaning of the passage.
  • John-a-thon Day 28: Glorify Your Son That Your Son May Glorify You (
    Continuing Jesus’ Farewell sermon, He’s leaving a will. Chapter 17 is His prayer to God. Within that prayer is his love and hope for us as well as the reason God sent Him. With the context of Jesus’ ensuing death, He speaks of glory. Though the cross, death is where hope is cut off, Jesus says it is glory.
    Although we may think that Jesus is the Son of God so by default He’ll be glorified, but we should have the same prayer: glorify Your children so tat we may glorify You. This glory is two-fold, not just asking for self-glory or self-exaltation. Jesus’ life was focused on glorifying God.
    Jesus is the Son of God first and through Him we are mediated to God. As co-heirs with Christ, we should know the authority we’ve inherited from Christ.
    Jesus prays for the unity of all believers (v.20-26). This becoming one is not being first, but one with God, one with Christ, and one with each other—one body, many parts. That is the heart of god for humanity.
  • Pinwheels in the Yard (
    Critics claim that faith is blindly accepting some-thing as true. That’s not Christianity however. To the Christian, faith is trust in God as He is revealed by the historical facts in the Bible.
  • To the God I pray, & Intercessions for all men (
    When I face all those who are in need in this world,

    the widows, orphans, hungry, down cast, lost, lonely, those who are afraid, those who have been abused, those who are faced with the loss of family and homes

    then I know You are El-Shaddai, The God Who is Sufficient for the Needs of His People.

  • Call Upon Him in Truth. (
    we must call to the Lord in truth, accept His advice, pray for the wisdom and strength to obey His advice and then take the proper action. This may mean that you may have to get Christian counselling if not together than go yourself.
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