Streetkids project in Sierra Leone

Background & Rationale for Initiating this project 
Streetkids was started in 2012 by a member of the Freetown Ecclesia who found children on the street and felt compelled to show them the love of Jesus. Interventions in young lives can make a huge difference and prevent their children becoming Streetkids themselves, and so Meal-a-Day continues to support this project. 
Aims, Activities & Budget 
The aim of this project is to improve the health, welfare, and quality of life of street children in Sierra Leone, not through children’s homes, but through family tracing, supporting foster homes, and providing basic healthcare, education and food. Currently 45 vulnerable young people are in the project. For £28,000 per year, or £625 per child, a life can be transformed. 
Project management: Co-ordinator(s) & Governance  
The project is managed by a Board including experienced specialists and CBM members. Two fully trained social workers are employed to ensure local legislation is followed and the child adequately protected and supported. 
Challenges & Opportunities in 2021  
Education has been a success. All 7 children taking primary exams passed with excellent results which qualifies them for secondary education. After a difficult year in 2020 with covid, 2021 has been more normal with the focus on the feeding programme, healthcare support, educational support, vocational skills training, recreational activities, and child advocacy programmes. The law changed in 2021 and the part time workers who received an allowance have now been brought onto the payroll. An annual awards ceremony was held at Christmas to improve their academic work with awards given to those in the first five in their schools, those who scored excellent results in exams, best behaved child, and best church attendance. 
Way Forward in 2022. 
Sierra Leone is facing very high inflation as the price of fuel and transport increases on top of food prices increases of 18% and we will keep a careful eye on this in case we need to make a mid-year budget increase. The number of students will remain at 45 but this will be reviewed on an in-country visit where we can review with the board of management whether we can expand this successful project.  

For more information please do contact Kate or Phil Lawrence at

With Love in Jesus

Stuart Walker

Trustee for the Ambassadors Program

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