LRBE Seminars —Brampton, ON

“Thank-you again for your generous support of our Bible Seminars in Brampton. We have been very blessed by our Heavenly Father with our preaching in our local community. There is no doubt we live in the last days, and it’s so very important to share the Gospel with everyone we can. We really appreciate your support.”
The Brampton, Ontario ecclesia has successfully run Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Seminars for over a decade. Again this year, the venue was booked, flyers printed and newspaper advertisements placed.
This September, thirty students attended the first class, but the program runs beyond the Learn to Read curriculum to cover the first principles of the Gospel over a 28 week course of study.
The additional modules include, Genesis, The Life of Christ and The Acts of the Apostles. The brothers and sisters in the Brampton ecclesia have maintained their enthusiastic spirit and engaged the students, providing them a foretaste of the
blessings associated with being part of the Body of Christ.
Over $11,000 CDN has been budgeted to run the four seminar series. In addition to financial support provided by the Brampton ecclesia, WCF has been able, through generous donor support, to again serve this year as a funding partner, together with the Simi Hills ecclesia.
Bible seminars such as these have been the most successful, consistent vehicle to share God’s plan of salvation in the recent past. You too can participate in this success story —through your prayers and financial support.
Donations for this and other preaching initiatives can be made online at or via check to:
P.O. Box 1528
West Caldwell, NJ 07007-

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