The White Fields Program —A mission success story

The White Fields program has funded scores of mission workers over the past decade who have carried the Good News around the globe.
Typically, these mission workers are brothers and sisters who are able to volunteer 6 months to 2 years or longer in service to the Lord. In South Africa, Leona Scheepers and Leizi Viljoen are seeking support for another year to continue their work with the CUDDLE Trust. These two sisters have been actively involved in promoting the Cuddle Project — developing Crèche teachers and facilities to care for young children in the townships. It is anticipated that over 400 student teachers will attend the instructional programs next year. Food parcels and second hand goods are also provided monthly to pre-schools, schools and select NPO organizations.
The ‘touch to teach’ philosophy has brought new believers to the light of the Gospel. Bible classes, sisters’ classes and youth initiatives have been fruitful avenues for spiritual growth. Plans are now underway to host the first ever Sisters at the Well camp near Cape Town. The cost to fund both Leona and Leizi for another year will be $30,000. Not everyone can commit 6 months or longer to mission work, but those who go are partners with those who pray for their success and with those
who donate to cover their basis living expenses. Some can go, all can pray, all can give. Will you be a funding partner?

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