Self inflicted misery #9 Subject to worldly things

Self inflicted misery to bear

9.     Subject to worldly things

We are subject to the worldly things and suffering because of our mortality and the consequences of the human pride that man wanted to do it on his own and could know it better than God the Creator. We cannot be certain what will take place tomorrow. What is your life? It is a mist, which is seen for a little time and then is gone. We are like the wind or like a breath; our life is like a shade which is quickly gone and we fade away or are cut down like a flower. (Job 14:12; Psalms 102:11; 144:4; James 4:14)

We should be aware that several bad things could have and can be avoided. The result of personal behaviour which brings forth the possibility of bad things which can cause suffering to us or to others can be avoided if we take control of our actions and live according to good values. By following the lifestyle advocated in the Bible we will avoid much self-inflicted misery.


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Detail - Glory of the New Born Christ in prese...
Glory of the New Born Christ in presence of God Father and the Holy Spirit (Annakirche, Vienna) Ceiling painting made by Daniel Gran (1694-1757).


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  • Jesus was the talk of the town and strengthened by the Holy Spirit he had not given in to the adversaries of God.  Luke Chapter 4 ( tells us that the news over this man of God went quickly around. It was because Jesus is not God that the Almighty God of gods had to provide His son with the power to preach and heal. ““‘YHWH’s Pneuma is upon me for He has anointed me to preach Good News to the poor. He has sent me to preach a release to the captives and a recovery of sight to the blind-to send the oppressed away to freedom-” (Luke 4:18 MHM) Jesus became anointed by his Father to fulfil the task God had prepared for him. God was the Spirit who had given His Word to come in fulfilment. By the birth of Jesus Gods Word became reality. From that moment onwards Jesus was the realisation of that promise of years ago. The covenant made with Abraham to him and his descendants could come into live. By listening to Jesus the Word of God or the Holy Scripture is being fulfilled. “He began to tell them, “Today, this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”” (Luke 4:21 WEB)
    Jesus his message was delivered with authority (Luke 4:32) and we should carefully listen to it and pay attention on all of it. Let us understand what it meant what the possessed man said: “Now in the synagogue there was someone possessed by an unclean demon, and he screamed in a loud voice: “Ahhhhh, what is there between you and us, Jesus the Nazarene? Did you come to destroy us? I know who you are-the Holy One of The God!”” (Luke 4:33-34 MHM) Yes Jesus was the special man send from God, who could do many special things, but only because his Father allowed him to do it. And the wise words he spoke he could speak because he knew the Scriptures so well and he wanted to do only the Will of God. Let us always keep in mind what the cleansed people saw: “You are the Christ, the Son of God!” > “Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with various diseases brought them to him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them. And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, You are the Messiah the Son of God. And he rebuking them allowed them not to speak: for they knew that he was the Messiah.” (Luke 4:40-41 KJBPNV)
  • Those who want to take Jesus as God and want to hold fast on to what lots of worldly people think are often taken by the SELF LOVE (professed by evil) vs. SELFLESS LOVE (professed by Jesus) ( People should be fully aware that Unconditional Love of the Father of Creation is Selfless in nature and humble to accept the words of the man from Nazareth, Jesus, also called the Christos or Christ the Messiah. Opposite to what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, demonstrated of His Own Life…by dying for the sake of all of Mankind, many people want to see in him God the son, which would mean that Jesus could not die because God can not die, being an eternal spirit. Some even do say this God had a mother, though the Bible indicates it very clearly that God was the first and has ever been. God is not born, and surely not out of a human being because it was God the Creator of all things who also created the first human being, Adam, the first man and only afterwards the first woman, Eve.
    It is the Father of Creation who has sent His Son, for the sake of all mankind, sinners and no sinners (which there are not), believers but also for non-believers, to find their way back home to Him. He gives us the choice to CHOOSE to work for Him as His Servants of Love, and that is what we should choose to be, no matter how much we do have to suffer on this earth. In Jesus we have the prospect of our hope and the best mediator we can have. Let’s be thankful for this man who wants to take it up for us sinners.
  • As you can read in Laatste dagen omroepers, Harold Camping komt met nieuwe dag op de proppen zonder verontschuldiging there are many doom preachers and people who love to curse others and say they are the ones who receive the punishment form God. Some speak of sodomite nation of flag-worshipping idolaters (Antichrist and The Most Hated Family in America in crisis + De Meest gehate familie in America – inleiding tot vervolg). Such preachers making people afraid get a so called Church Growth Through Misery ( but we are afraid it is not going to be the right church nor the lasting group of believers. They are not creating a church on selfless love. And they are not focusing on future wealth of spiritual richness, but on earthly richness of this day.
    Dr Jim West rightly writes: “Growth through misery may be popular, but it isn’t substantive. When misery fades away, as it always does with the passing of time, so to do those who mercenarily ‘follow’ Christ (always at a distance and never with a willingness to die to self).”
  • We live in a world driven by the constant pursuit of pleasure and personal satisfaction. The world encourages individuals to adopt a “me-first” mentality and avoid hardship at all cost. Because so many persons put their pleasures on the first place we do get so many hurt people and so many problems in this world.
    Scripture teaches us that while we are not to actively pursue hardship, we nonetheless are to realize that God uses challenging situations to help us conform to the perfect image of His Son.
    The New Testament also teaches us that God sometimes sovereignly guides His people through challenging circumstances that ultimately profit them. In Hebrews 12:5–11, the author explains that God disciplines His children like a loving Father and that discipline ultimately benefits us by helping us “share His holiness” (v. 10). Believers may therefore look upon God’s discipline as corrective; that is, aimed at helping us overcome our sinful behaviour (cf. Proverbs 3:11–12; I Corinthians 11:32; Revelation 3:19). We may also distinguish between punishment and chastisement; the former is to be associated with God’s wrath upon unbelievers and the latter with God’s loving desire to shape and mould His children.
    Read more about that: Submit to divine discipline and read Jeremiah 19:3–6; 21:1–5, 11–12.
  • God had planted the seed of salvation into the Virgin Mary. That young girl did not mind taking the burden on to her. Not only had she have to going to suffer for what others were going to say and how she had to face the possibility to become stoned to death, because she was not yet married. She also had not have an easy time with this “man from God’ who sometimes did not what she had asked but what his Father had asked him to do. John 3 Who is the “Son”?  ( brings us the picture of the Jewish ruler who saw in Jesus his real role of master teacher and representative of God. “There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Yahshua by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that you do, unless God is with him.” (John 3:1-2 KJBPNV)
    This man Jesus from Nazareth, inflicted pain on himself by accepting the role which was made in petto for him. He was willing to fulfil the role of the Adam, the first man, who could prove to keep faithful and honour the Only One God. He studied the Torah and knew the Word of God very well. He also kept to it, no matter what people did to him to get him to other ideas. Though he was without sin, he also had to suffer. So you can wonder why God had to punish him, if suffering is a punishment from God, which it is not. And as you can see from the story of his life, though he did the Will of God, he was not exempt from doubts or pains and had to suffer a lot.
  • People around Jesus, who became faithful followers, had also to suffer a lot when they had Jesus not around them anymore. They did consider those persecutions as Bad things no punishment from God but as part of the reactions of those people who did not want to live according the rules of God.
  • That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life does not mean we shall be excluded from suffering, because the freedom God gave to the people made it also possible that the humans do stupid things by which stupid things can come over them. The risk taking society has to become aware that it just not can do everything what it would like to do without having to bear the consequences of its deeds. So when they play with nature forces or atoms they should be aware of the dangers of nuclear damage. They could go to a scheme of Securing risks to reduce the impact of the damage.  But often people do not want to learn from previous experiences. Japan’s nuclear disaster reason to think twice you should think, but many continue to use the world resources in the wrong way and they think they can play with it to their own good, not thinking about what it is going to do to next generations. So when those following generations are going to undergo the problems of the previous generations it shall not be a punishment from God, but they shall have to suffer because the selfishness of the people before them.
  • People are often taking too much for granted and do not stand still to the causes of Shocking News. People on the other hand do not always have to look for the cause of a disaster in the Hand of God nor in the wrongdoings of people. There are just phenomenon of the nature which can show the beauty, the power, the destruction but also the new creation of its inside forces.
    In those exceptional natural movements we also could see and find reasons to  Let us recognise how great God is. Though it sometimes can sound hard but we can have Profitable disasters coming over a world who does not always want to open her eyes.
  • Please do find more about Suffering and how we have to look at it in the articles on the Book of Job.


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