Today’s thought “Not by man but With God is the sum total of all wisdom and of all power” (December 10)

From friends you must have it. They may speak wisely but also can utter foolishness.

Job and His Friends by Ilya Repin (1869)

Job tells his friends that they take an attitude as if they know everything. His friends might be the voice of the people. Job warns them that when they die, wisdom will die with them. (Job 12:1-2) In the previous chapters we could see how those so called friends of Job laughed at him, even going so far to make a laughingstock of that righteous and blameless man – probably because they had no problems. Today we can also find many at ease to mock those in trouble and to ridicule those who believe in the Only One True God. Many loves to give a push to people who are stumbling. (Job 12:4-5)
It is true that we may find lots of godless people, scoffers and robbers, who love to provoke God loving people and who make a mockery of God and His faithful, to live in safety. Those who upset God seem to live (apparently) safe and secure, forgetting that it is the Eternal God Who keeps them in His Power. (Job 12:6)

Let us not forget that it is God His Hand that cradles the life of every creature on the face of the earth. (Job 12:10)
Mankind should come to know He is ultimately in control of all things.

Lots of people who are against those who love to worship the God of Christ and his disciples, the Only One True God above all gods, Who is One, try to get them to read the many ‘Christian theologians’ and especially those who they call the

earliest Christians, the earliest Fathers of the Church.

of whom is said that

Some of them were personally discipled by the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

Many religious leaders claim

Only the Catholic Church can trace itself back, Bishop by Bishop, for over 2,000 years to Jesus Christ as it’s personal founder! NO Protestant Church even existed until 1532 A.D. They were all founded after that late date by men like Luther.. Calvin.. Smith.. Wesley.. Darby.. So THEY are..the traditions of man!

Though they forget they are basing their teachings on false teaching, ancient philosophies and on traditions.

They forget that the God Who does not tell lies declared Himself that Jesus was His only begotten beloved son, and that we should listen to that chosen one from God. (Please read: Matthew 3:17; 17:5; Luke 9:35; Mark 9:7; compare further with 2 Peter 1:17)

Throughout the ages there have always been faithful people to their master teacher Jeshua, being it Jews who had accepted him as Messiah, also called Messianic Jews or Jeshuaists, but also goyim or non-Jews who went through life as brethren and sisters in Christ, and where known at different times under different names, the most well known being the Brethren, Anabaptists and Baptists (though in the 1980s and 1990s most non-trinitarian Baptists left that denomination because it became more and more Trinitarian).

Thomas Aquinas or Thomas of Aquino, one of the most favourite theological writers who is an immensely influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism, also known within the latter as the Doctor Angelicus and the Doctor Communis.

We should not believe that those early, as well as later writers, would be able to give us more wisdom than the Bible can give us. We should trust and fear the Most High God more than them. As true Christians we should base our faith on the Book of books, the Bible, and not on the many theological works the libraries of man may contain. We also should follow the teachings of Jesus and worship the same God Jesus worshipped. Jesus did not worship himself and was not such a schizophrenic being that he asked himself why God, in the Trinitarian thought Jesus being himself God, abounded Jesus, in many of those religious teachers God (and as such) himself.

Job reminds his friends (and us) that true and perfect wisdom and guidance should be looked for by God and that counsel and understanding are His. (Job 12:6)

Many may try to fool others, claiming they are the only ones who can bring people to God or to the only one true church. They, as we, should know that strength and wisdom belong to God. He is the One Who has it, gives it to others, or takes it away from others.
The world should know that deceivers and deceived are both in the Power which belongs to God.
Throughout history, we can see that counsellors were led away, stripped of good judgment and that wise philosophers, judges and scientists became fools. More than ones, we can find priests who were stripped of status and those with long years in power overthrown. It is also God Who pours disgrace upon princes and disarms the strong. (Job 12:16-22)

Man for centuries has searched for declaring things and have presented the world many thoughts on everything we can see around us. But they were often beaten from their high chair, by new findings. They too had to come to see that it is God Who uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness. It is the Elohim Hashem Jehovah God Who brings light to the deepest gloom.

Therefore let us give all our trust in The One Who builds up and nations, and destroys or abandons them. (Job 12: 23) We should give ourselves in the Hands of The One Who can strip kings of understanding and can leave them wandering in a pathless wasteland. (Job 12: 24).

Let us make sure we shall not be ones staggering like drunkards and becoming fools because we loved our own words more than those of God. (Job 12:25)



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