Roads leading to God

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In response on “Why All Roads Do Lead to God by Robin Schumacher” by lacykitkat on January 8, 2013 we would like to pose also:

“How can Christians think their way is the only way, and their road is the only one that leads to God?”

The one that hears the One that still speaks reminds his readers to Gandhi who said years ago:

“One may drink out of the same great rivers with others, but one need not use the same cup” and “The soul of religion is one, but it is encased in a multitude of forms.”

The writer believes that Christians have the only way or belief or system that can be intelligently followed. He overlooks the many Asiatic beliefsystems, and the closer to the self-meditation systems.

I do not think, like he does, that Christianity practice exclusivity in: Marriage, Government, Economic policy, and Mathematics… Certainly for that last bit some Christians have a very strange form of mathematics, for them being 1+1+1=1, while for us and most reasonable thinking men this also would be 3. A lot of Christians say they adhere to one god but they worship a God the Father (1), a god the son (2) and a God the Holy Spirit (3), being three persons, though one according to them. God is a spirit who can not die and who asked not to be drawn or sculpted, though those who find that Jesus is God use pictures and statues of him to pray for (against the Law of God).

The writer of the article agrees that:

“Trying to mix and match any competing belief system – spiritual or otherwise – simply results in chaos and incoherent thinking. The truth is, no matter what they say from a surface level perspective, all worldviews champion an exclusive set of teachings in one way or another; Christianity is not alone in that regard.”

Many religions do believe in love, honesty, respect, sharing, doing good and other virtues, but not many can bring their adherents so far to really keep to those good virtues.

In certain so called civilized countries, mainly very capitalist ones, one can find many narrow-minded Christians, who sometimes go into a fundamentalism. Fundamentalism can even be found more by the Muslim movement.

The Creator God Jehovah has provided in every human being some elements from Him. Each person in the world carries as such something from God. In each individual it is also given that that person has a sort of instinct, and as such has in him or her the way to find the essence of life and the Giver of live.

The article writer says:

“Because God exists, when you die, you will meet Him. Regardless of the ‘road’ that you’re on. It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, or evangelical Christian. When you leave this life, the road that you’re on leads straight to Him.”

God exists and is not to be debarred. Though when we shall die, we shall not meet Him, because we shall return to dust and shall not be able to feel, see or do anything, life will be ended. Only at the return of Christ, that son of man, Jeshua, better known as Jesus, shall judge the living and the dead. Only after his judgement people shall be either allowed into the Kingdom of God or undergo a second death.

The man Jesus, who is the most important rabbi the world got, as a faithful son of God, proved that man can be honest and loyal to his Creator. He died for every sinner so that he or she could be reconciliated to God.

Religions are ways people can come to God. Denominations can help people to form a religious life. But each individual shall always stay totally responsible him or herself. Every individual has to make it work that he or she shall come to live according to the Laws of God. They do not have to live according Laws of churches or institutions, God is the Only One who shall matter.

In the end people shall have to see a difference between a God loving person doing good and a good honest atheist helping others and trying to make the best of the world.

lacykitkat writes:

“While what you believe about God right now doesn’t matter one bit regarding whether you’ll eventually meet Him or not, when you do come face to face with your Creator, what you believe about Him and what you have done with His truth will matter greatly one nanosecond afterwards.”

When we loose our life, we shall be lifeless and of no value as death people. But when the time shall be there, we shall have to show our value. We shall have to prove to Jesus what our life-standard was. In front of the Judge we shall also be able to see his Father, the Greatest God of all. Than we shall be able to accept all the facts as they are. Those things which were not clear in our life shall be made clear. If we have gone wrong in our life, it shall be too late to change course. Every person has had enough chances when he or she was alive.

Jesus can show us the Way to his Father. He is the “Only Way” for us and our generations. How sooner people can accept Jesus for what he really is, a man of flesh and blood, a prophet and master teacher in the name of God, they shall find ways to receive many blessings already now on this earth in this lifespan. Recognizing Jesus, listening to his teachings and following his commandments, we shall be able to get God in our midst.

Such pronouncements as

“Jesus is alone the Way, the Truth and the Life,”


“God is sovereign over all of creation without exception,”

are often difficult to make and for many it is easier to shout:

“Islam is false and damnable,”

without noticing that there are in Islam also many real lovers of God, who often worship God better than those who are shouting such things against Muslims. There are not many Christians to recognize and stand firmly on the principle of truth as thoroughly superior to feelings, emotions, hopes, traditions and preferences. Lots of Christians prefer to keep up with traditions instead of keeping to the Law of God and to the Law of Christ.

We should try to hold the truth with a sincere heart that promotes right doctrine, right-thinking, and subsequent right living, and by doing that we should always respect the surrounding others, also when they think and act totally different from us.

There may be people living far away from Christian communities, who never in their life get or got to know Christ Jesus, but also they shall be able to come under the grace of the Messiahs death-offering. From the many thousands of people who lived before Jesus was born, there shall be many who also shall be partakers of the Kingdom of God. It shall not only be for the Christians, because in the first place it shall be for the Jews, the People of God, how much many Christians may not like that idea.

Marcus Ampe


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