Those who choose to glorify God, and those who choose to go their own way

All of us have many choices. When we grow up every time we have to check what we want to do and have to choose which way to go.

Once born we grow up in surroundings where people do like God or do not want to know about Him. Somehow in ourselves, in our deepest feelings, we have a certain feeling about there being a Divine Creator or someone responsible for our being here. Many wonder if there is a god or Who might be the God responsible for our being and for everything around us.

God is a loving God, who wants all of His creation to worship him. However, throughout the ages, there have been those who choose to glorify God, and those who choose to go their own way. What are the hallmarks of those who choose to glorify God? They have faith (like Abel), spiritual vision (like Abram), trust in God (like Abraham and Isaac), and take a conscious stand against sin (like Noah and Moses).

It’s easy for discussions about

“Who are the people of God

to get stuck in ‘Jews vs. Gentiles vs. others’. Whilst the people of God come from every nationality, place, and point in history, and vary in age, gender, appearance and social ‘status’, you may find an article at the Newbury ecclesia where one of the writers tried to identify some shared characteristics of those who choose to glorify God rather than go their own way.

He looks at a key chapter in this. Hebrews 11, which is akin to a “Hall of Fame for the faithful” and questions

What is it about those women and men of old that marks them out as belonging to God?

Faithful women and men have an uncanny knack to see through the current situation to the bigger picture. But most importantly they have made the choice to build up their life on their faith, which is the universal hallmark of them.

Find the answer: What do God’s people look like?



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