To give Glory to God and His Son

Chris Peel covered this subject at Newbury‘s most recent Bible Class. The aim was to discover what it means to give glory.

Several scriptural examples were considered with an eye on the reasons for giving glory and the ways in
which it was given. Brother Chris shared a few slides that captured many of the outputs from this exercise, and these will be circulated around the ecclesia. He posed two questions:

How can we develop our worship so it has the fullness of the examples we find in scripture?

How can we increase the range of ways in which we glorify our God to encompass those we find in Scripture?




Blindness in the Christian world

Those who choose to glorify God, and those who choose to go their own way

Prayer theme for February 2020

Today’s thought “May the whole earth be filled …” (February 9)

Extra verses to remember by The Zeal for the Name to be proclaimed

Extra verses to remember having the whole earth be filled with glory for Blessed Jehovah God

Memorizing wonderfully 20 Mountain and Kingdom of God

Memorizing wonderfully 39 Fear God 3 words from the New Testament


Additional reading

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  7. Nazarene Commentary 1 Corinthians 6:15-20 – Flee from Immorality
  8. Hebraic Roots Bible 1 Corinthians 6:15-20 – Flee fornication and be joined to our Master

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