Faith Talks Are Live!

Faith Talks are short video presentations which give insight to personal stories and Bible explorations that have inspired and touched the lives of individuals. Faith Talks are faith-building tools that can be viewed independently or used collectively in a group setting.

At the heart of each Faith Talk is the desire to sustain a relationship with God, and His Son, Jesus. The Gospel message of hope and redemption is an integral part of all our videos.

At Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation, they aim to create and share a range of engaging content that will motivate and cultivate faith in our communities and beyond. They form part of our mission to do all we can to help faith grow around the world.

We know that every believer has a wide range of experiences, questions and challenges. Even in times of doubt and deconstruction, we believe there is still a point of connection that can be experienced and shared. It is our intention for each Faith Talk to be relatable, encouraging and faith affirming.

Wherever you might be on your personal faith journey, we invite you to connect: watch, listen and share.

Faith Talks

1. Faith and Fear

by Chris Sales

What is the difference between believing something and having faith? What does it mean to have faith in a God who will help you overcome mistakes, persevere through life’s experiences and give confidence to move forward without fear? Join us.

2. Are You Listening?

by Marcia Smoke

God isn’t finished with you yet. He is speaking to us; yet are we listening to Him? Through listening to God, He will guide us. He speaks to us through the Bible, through other people and through life’s challenges. Keep listening.

3. Be Peppy

by Dyron Hamlin

Doubt is important. It’s that tension between doubt and faith which is an essential and necessary struggle in any faith journey. When doubt, fear and anxiety creep in, we need a strategy to try and maintain our faith. Come explore with us.

4. Grace-colored Glasses

by Maggie Schlageter

Faith is something you do that that reflects what you believe to be true. Faith changes how we run with endurance the race God has set before us. Faith is the catalyst to help us move through joy, pain and grief. Keep moving, keep watching.

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