This week on A Little Faith… Levi chats with Jochem Hale

This week on A Little Faith…

Levi chats with Jochem Hale, host of For Real Life about what inspired his podcast. Jochem shares how he initially wanted to make videos to teach people about God.

Proof of God’s Existence – Episode 1

In this episode, we talk about doubt. We doubt many things in life. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not. God’s existence is something that is often doubted as well. To help us with our own doubt, or to enable us to talk to other people who may doubt God, we look into proof that God does in fact exist.

Idols of the Heart

In the Bible, we read about idols. It’s mentioned all throughout the Bible. Clearly, it’s a big deal to God. But why is that? What is the problem with idols? And particularly at a time wherein many countries we don’t really have idols like they did in the past, why is this something you and I need to know about?

Being Content

When we covet things and can’t learn to be content, we start to do things to get what we want. There are things that may not seem harmful to begin with but eventually can lead to sacrificing all sorts of values we once thought were important.

God Is Working In Your Life

So whether you’re doing well, or perhaps you’re going through some trying times; whatever it is, remember God put you there because he loves you.



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