Contents of the Book of Revelation

I. Prolog (1:1-8)

A. Preface (1:1-3)

B. Greeting to churches in Asia (1:4-6)

C. Prophetic sayings (1:7-8)

II. Call vision (1:9-20)

III. Letters to the seven churches in Asia (2:1-3:22)

IV. Seven seals (4:1-8:5)

A. Vision of God’s throne (4:1-11)

B. Vision of the enthroned Lamb with the scroll (5:1-14)

C. Seals #1-4: Four horsemen (6:1-8)

D. Seals #5: Martyrs crying out for judgment (6:9-11)

E. Seal #6: Earthquake, proleptic judgment (6:12-17)

F. Sealing of servants from the twelve tribes (7:1-17)

G. Seal #7: Silence and preparation of the trumpets (8:1-5)

V. Seven trumpets (8:2, 6-11:19)

A. Trumpets #1-4: Plagues fall from the heavens (8:6-13)

B. Trumpet #5: Falling star opens abyss, locust plague led by angel of the abyss (9:1-11)

C. Trumpet #6: Deadly cavalry from Euphrates released(9:13-21)

D. Seer eats the little scroll from the hand of angel: commissioning to prophecy again (10:1-11)

E. Seer measures the temple and the altar (11:1-3)

F. Testimony of the two witnesses in Jerusalem; martyred by the beast; taken to heaven; deadly earthquake in the city (11:4-13) [End of second woe, third to come, v. 14]

G. Trumpet #7: Heavenly acclamation of Christ who rules for ever; vision of the ark with lightening, voices, thunder, earthquake, hail (11:15-19)

VI. Unnumbered visions: Followers of Lamb vs. the beast (12:1-15:4)

A. Woman and her offspring vs. the dragon (12:1-17)

B. Beast from the sea (13:1-10)

C. Beast from the earth (13:11-18)

D. On Mount Zion: song of the 144,000 (14:1-7; cf. 7:1-17)

E. Angelic heralds: warning and the promise to the saints (14:8-13)

F. Son of Man and angels harvest the earth (14:14-20)

G. Sea of glass: those who have conquered the beast (15:2-4)

VII. Seven bowls of wrath (15:1, 5-16:21)

A. Introduction: bowls are end of wrath of God (15:1)

B. Angels given the seven bowls by throne creature (15:5-8)

C. Bowl #1: poured on earth: sores on those worship the beast (16:1-2)

D. Bowl #2: in sea: becomes like blood, everything in it dies (16:3)

E. Bowl #3: rivers and fountains: become blood, just judgment for blood of martyrs acclaimed (16:4-7)

F. Bowl #4: on sun: it scorches humans, who blaspheme god and do not repent (16:8-9)

G. Bowl #5: on throne beast: kingdom darkened; humans curse God for sores, do not repent (16:10-11)

H. Bowl #6: on Euphrates: demonic spirits from mouths of dragon, beast and false prophet assemble armies at Armageddon (16:12-16; c.f. 9:13-21)

I. Bowl #7: in air: voice sounds from temple, thunder, quakes, cities split, island and mountains vanish, hail (16;17-21)

VIII. Babylon and her destruction (17:1-19:10)

A. “Babylon the Great,” harlot to the kings of the earth, drunk with the blood of the saints (17:1-6)

B. Angelic interpretation of the vision: Rome, her rulers, client kings and wars (17:1-6)

C. Heavenly announcement: the hour of judgment on Babylon has come (18:1-8)

D. Laments for the fate of Babylon by kings of the earth, merchants, captains and sailors (18:9-20)

E. Angelic announcement: Babylon and all who dwell in her to be thrown down (18:21-24)

F. Heavenly praise to God for judgment against Babylon (19:`1-4)

G. Praise to Lamb: Celebration of divine marriage feast (19:5-10)

IX. Unnumbered visions: Judgment of the earth (19:11-21:8)

A. Rider on the white horse (19:11-16)

B. Victory feast on bodies of the slain (19:17-21)

C. Angel binds Satan for a thousand years (20:1-3)

D. Victorious martyrs reign with Christ a thousand years (20:4-6)

E. Fire from heaven consumes the Satanic hosts (20:7-10)

F. Judgment of all humanity: Book of life (20:11-15)

G. New heaven and earth: Righteous to dwell with God (21:1-8)

X. Bride of the Lamb: The heavenly Jerusalem (21:9-22:5)

A. Jewels which adorn the bride (21:2, 9-21)

B. God’s presence in the heavenly city (21:22-27)

C. River of water, tree of life and God as its light (22:1-5)

XI. Epilogue: Transmission of the prophecy and beatitudes (22:6-21)

Content of The Book of The Revelation, by Dennis Bratcher

The Beast from the sea with seven heads
The Beast from the sea with seven heads (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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