Tom & Naomi Peel on their podcast From the Platform

Little Seeds of Faith Podcast Series

Welcome to Little Seeds. A podcast where children help read a treasured Bible story and we get a chance to explore and talk about the lessons we can learn.

Do you love to read the Bible?

The Bible has great adventures, love stories, stories of hope and truth and most importantly stories of faith that when we read our faith is strengthened for the hard times and we find joy and gladness for the good times.

Tom and Naomi Peel chat with Levi about their podcast From the Platform. They discuss the importance of cultural awareness and healthy communication in the way we listen and relate to one another. The podcast is about raising our own self-awareness of our own biases and what we bring to a conversation, and enabling different ways to nurture good conversation within the Christadelphian community.

> Tom & Naomi Peel on their podcast From the Platform

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