As you see the Day approaching

“The disciples were to be ‘witnesses’ for the Lord. What they had seen with their own eyes, and heard with their own ears from the lips of Jesus, was now going to affect their behaviour so powerfully that their lives would never be the same again. So is it like that for us?”

Cover of the special issue entitled As you see the Day approachingThis is the question asked by the first article in the 2019 Special Issue of the Testimony. In May 2019, making it issue number 1049 of volume 89, this special issue was published. Once each year the Testimony editors produce a special issue magazine dedicated to a specific subject. These are not available online, but can be ordered via their and other Christadelphian  shops.

In twenty-five full-length articles, written by a wide cross-section of authors from within the Christadelphian Brotherhood, this Special Issue asks us to consider how much our lives are affected by our knowledge of the truth about Jesus.

Part one examines the facts of our belief in the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, with part two emphasising how this belief should be reflected in the way we live.

The Special Issue is aimed to appeal to brothers and sisters of all ages. It runs to 76 pages, roughly equal to two standard monthly issues of the magazine.
Regular subscribers automatically received their copy to cover May and June, but single copies are available for purchase separately. As in previous years, the Special Issue is available in printed and electronic (pdf) formats.

As you see the Day approaching. Volume 89 Issue 1049 (2019


Page Article Author(s)
161 Prologue

“Why do you stand gazing up into heaven?” (Acts 1:11)

Edward Carr & Reg Carr
163 The Day Geoff Henstock
166 “This same Jesus”

First-century expectation of Christ’s return

Mary Benson
169 “As seeing Him who is invisible” (Heb. 11:27) Reg Carr
173 “Waiting till his enemies are made his footstool” (Heb. 10:13) Peter Forbes
176 “He who promised is faithful” (Heb. 10:23) David Burges
179 “Divinely warned of things not yet seen” (Heb. 11:7) Bernard Burt
182 “The LORD will judge His people” (Heb. 10:30) Stephen Palmer
185 “Fiery indignation … will devour the adversaries” (Heb. 10:27) Peter Heavyside
189 “Your confidence … has great reward” (Heb. 10:35) John Nicholls
192 “Behold, I am coming as a thief” (Rev. 16:15) Mark Allfree
195 “Behold, he is coming with clouds” (Rev. 1:7) Shaun Maher
199 “In holy conduct and godliness” (2 Pet. 3:11) Stephen Hole
201 “Having boldness to enter the Holiest” (Heb. 10:19) Edward Carr
204 “With a true heart in full assurance of faith” (Heb. 10:22) Simon Dean
207 “Our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience” (Heb. 10:22) Suzi Spencer
209 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering” (Heb. 10:23) Trevor Hughes
212 “Consider one another … to stir up love and good works” (Heb. 10:24) Jo Kay
215 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together” (Heb. 10:25) Eric Marshall
218 “Exhorting one another” (Heb. 10:25) Kevin Rawlings
221 “You have need of endurance” (Heb. 10:36) Arne Roberts
224 “Not of those who draw back to perdition” (Heb. 10:39) Jamie Whittaker
227 “Esteeming the reproach of Christ …” (Heb. 11:26) Jeremy Thomas
231 “Diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless” (2 Pet. 3:14) Lindsey Whitehouse
234 Epilogue

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:20)

Abby Lear
235 Select bibliography of books and articles relating to Hebrews 10:25 and the approaching Day of the Lord Reg Carr

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