The Earth opening up

An Agape In Action Home And Shelters update

News from the Namisindwa District in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Disaster struck in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda in 2018, when the earth started opening up in big cracks swallowing people’s homes, farms and possessions. Lives were lost and 1000’s of people were forced from their homes to find somewhere on stable ground to live. Namisindwa was in this area, and the ecclesial hall there started to sink into the ground. With the guidance of the CBM, the Christadelphian volunteers in Uganda have been able to purchase land away from the danger zone where they are currently building a new hall, children’s home, school and toilet block.

The CBM has not only been a key partner, but an essential one. So much more can be achieved when working together collaboratively. From the outset the Agape in Action team made a very conscious decision to work closely with the relevant CBM. The founders of Agape in Action, James & Deb, have been actively involved with the CBM, CBMA, CBMC and ACBM and have spent a number of years in mission fields (India, Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya, Vanuatu, Guyana, Cameroon, Philippines, Jamaica & other Caribbean countries). Local ecclesia are essential partners and are engaged in the development and oversight of Agape in Action projects in the field.

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