Worthy partakers of the body of Christ

Preparing for 14 Nisan we should know that demands working at our attitude and at our own self, making sure that when we go to the memorial meal we can be worthy partakers of the body of Christ.

Many in this world have their soul being hardened. With the refugee crisis we can see also many who call themselves Christian who take on a very un-Christian like attitude. We can see that there is little, and maybe no “gentleness” in today’s godless world!

We saw, as we completed reading Paul’s letter to the Galatians, that, after listing “the works of the flesh” (5:19-21) and warning that all who continued to practice any of them

“will not inherit the kingdom of God” (verse 21),

that Paul lists, in place of these “works”, writing to the largely Gentile believers in Galatia,

“the fruit of the Spirit” (verse 22).

Because of so many preachers telling their flock, coming together in their trinitarian churches, that they do not have to worry what they do, because whatever they might do, they are saved. Though perhaps some may come (at last) to understand that there is a possibility that certain people would not be saved. Though lots of trinitarian ministers or preachers say every one is saved but contradict themselves by, at the same time, frightening the people in their church with hellfire. Notwithstanding such sermons about eternal damnation in hellfire, most of those Christians going for it that Jesus died for them and gave them salvation for ever. Many of them being convinced they do not have to worry any-more, they keep enjoying all heathen elements of our society. No wonder also so many do not mind taking on an attitude against others which is not at all in line with what Jesus would do.

The frantically clinging to pagan customs such as the painting or sprinkling of eggs and children to collect rabbits or Easter bunnies is part of the bondage of the flesh which the Apostle Paul speaks and where Jesus warned as to not be of this world.

Several Roman Catholics say they even had a time to reflect and now see their Lent to draw to a close, a time in which they should have taken more time to pray and think about God and what He requires from us. It should have been a forty days period for ‘prayer, fasting and giving’ in which their minds should not have operated in a vacuum.

The 40-day period of fasting and penitence observed by many Christians in preparation for their Easter started with Ash Wednesday remembering that man comes from dust and shall return to ashes or dust, though most of them are believing that once they die they have part of their body (their soul) going up in heaven, forgetting that Jesus one day shall return to judge the living and the dead. In case all would be saved and already be in heaven there is no reason for him to judge people.

Traditional Ukrainian Christian amulet with de...
Traditional Ukrainian Christian amulet with depiction of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus told many stories or gave many parables in which is warned fro man able to loose the Gift of salvation and to miss out the entrance to God’s Kingdom. Jesus speaks about things which have to be done and warns for our alertness to have the right “fruits”. Such right ‘fruit’ can only ripen when it has the right soil to grow in and the right nurturing.  Real “fruit” of the nature a follower of Christ has to bear, is only genuinely developed by those whose hearts fully desire a Christ-like character. In seeking to do so, their consciences readily recognise anything that falls short of genuine “fruit”.

First and foremost important is there the “Love”, with the primordial Love for God, which would mean that as a lover of God one wants to please that God.  Two other aspects of that fruit are “faithfulness” and “self-control”.  The faithfulness meaning to remain firm in their belief in God and to support for Him, being faithful adhering firmly and devotedly to the Most High Almighty God, doing everything to be loyal and showing dedication and loyalty.

We can hear Paul telling us that

“against such things there is no law”.

This meaning, there is no need for “laws” when all this fruit is produced, because in a certain way such aspects would be a natural choice of the lover of God, willing to do everything out of free choice to live according to the Will of God.

Though living in this world we can see that one of the most difficult things is to take distance from that world. So many are so much afraid of what others would think or would say, when they, do not like the majority does. This is most clearly seen in the abandoning of heathen festivals. When the goy or gentiles (non-Jews) are living in a world where they love celebrating the seasonal gods, like the gods of Winter, darkness and light, Spring with the gods of fertility and growth, they are surrounded by decorated trees (Christmas season) or decorated eggs (Spring or Easter season). Though Christians should know that those fur trees, Santa or Easter bunnies, have nothing to do with the sent one from God, Jesus Christ, the son of God, but have everything to do with pagan personalities and heathen festivals.

For many it’s always fun to give their home a touch of Christmas or Easter magic which will excite their kids on what they want them to believe to be “the big day”. {Don’t Delay: Handy Tips To Get Ready For Easter}. They do find

After all, if they come down to a living room filled with cute Easter accessories, they will definitely be in the Easter mood. Therefore, it’s time to get crafting to make some cute Easter decor for the home. {Don’t Delay: Handy Tips To Get Ready For Easter}

Why would Christians want to bring their kids in a mood of a pagan festival, when God has given them the days to celebrate?

We should show our kids that we should keep to the Days of God and not to the days of the world.

We should give our children a good example of the right fruits to bear. Loving the Word of God and following that Word and not the words of the common world.

When we come to chapter 6 Paul directs our thoughts on the way

“anyone (who) is caught in any transgression”


“you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness” (verse 1).

We can see that the ‘Natural’ human nature does not always out of his own uses “a spirit of gentleness” – and the failure to do so, often demonstrates that the person

“thinks he is something, when he is nothing”

and therefore

“he deceives himself” (verse 3).

Let us not trick our mind and say

oh, it does not matter. It is just for fun.

We are supposed to be careful with what might bring us lots of fun. It may look very lovely to see all those decorations. But when we associate it with something godly, than it becomes really wrong.

There is no harm in decorating eggs or to make chocolate figures, or to eat chocolate bunnies, but as soon as we connect them with the spiritual world or with the Higher Spirit (God) then it is totally wrong.

We should do everything to have our works in line with God. We only should do that which is pleasing in God His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever.  (Letter to the Galatians 13:21).

Let us make sure that whatever we do, whatever feast we are celebrating, we shall only do it worthy of the Divine Creator

“pleasing in his sight”.


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