Christian values, traditions, real or false stories, pure and upright belief

Easter eggs // Ostereier
Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days we see lots of Christians play with pagan attributes, hiding chocolate eggs in the house and garden and telling their children this is all to do about Easter and the resurrection of the Lord. Even a new publication was published in the United states explaining those ‘lovely’ Christian tradition which have to be treasured as the high American value.

When we look at those Christians who speak so high about their Christian values, and look how they act and react,this may make us browse.

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United St...
The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United States Library of Congress, demonstrating printed pages as a storage medium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new book which is especially written because the American Christian values seem to be lessening. Though the writers do not seem to understand the things they do find so important about Easter and Christmas have nothing to do with the Biblical Truth. It is the same as a new book for children in Dutch trying to explain the ‘secret of Easter’, where the writer confesses she was not so sure about the story of Jesus’ death and had to look it up on internet before she started her work. she even did not bother to look at a Bible to get to the origin of the matter or to read the original stories.

You can wonder what has to come forth when such writers and their books sell so good and bring stories to children which they think are the real Christian story to believe. Can a good Christian nation be build up on such stories becoming popular and Bibles not been read? Can we find people who want to know the Biblical truth and be faithful to God?

Do fully faithful, truthful people exist? If we start when we are children trying to do this, there is a better chance of us being found to be that kind of person when we are grown up. May that be said of us this day.

“Pure and upright”

(April 10)

We read in Proverbs

“even a child makes himself known by his acts” (Proverbs 20:11),

it then says,

“whether his conduct is pure and upright”.

It is saying that what we actually do proves what we really are far more than by what we say. It is also said that we teach by example, more than words, thus verse 7 tells us,

“The righteous walks in his integrity blessed are his children after him”.

They have been taught by example and often children are more transparent in their actions than adults.

Another interesting proverb is

“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out” (Proverbs 20:5).

It causes us to ask do we fully consider our purpose in doing something? If we really are a person who considers our ways, thinking carefully about all our intentions, then we will “draw it out” like one drawing water from a well and this takes time and effort.

Of course when the Bible uses the word ‘man’ it usually means all human beings, unless the context makes it clear it means a male. It draws no distinction between boys or girls, “even a child” obviously means both!

Finally, verse 6 is very interesting; ponder what it means.

“Many a man (person) proclaims his (or her) own steadfast love, but a faithful man (person) who can find?” (Proverbs 20:6).

It is telling us that what we say, what we declare to be our motives, is in many cases, not entirely correct; although it is not a real lie, because there is an element of truth in it. How often do we say things “with reservation?”

I have known statements to be made, and agreement to be requested on them “without reservation”. This is sad; it means we are acknowledging that so often we say things, not fully meaning them. This should not be so among those whose aim is to become children of God (read Romans 8:17). Do fully faithful, truthful people exist?

“Even a child” if we start when we are children trying to do this, there is a better chance of us being found to be that kind of person when we are grown up.

The Christadelphian


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    The Bible is being sold for $20 and has claims of being one of the best gifts that ever existed for Kanye’s fans. The fans, as stated on the website, literally worship the mega social icon, pop star, designer and idol of the church of Yeezianity, who is none other than, famed rapper Kanye West.

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    Vicars and priests across Sussex have had their say on the annual Christian festival as part of our Big Easter Survey, released today.

    While some blamed schools and the education system others accepted it as a result of living in an increasingly secular society.

    Pastor Carl Chambers, of Christ Church, Brighton, said the Easter story as told in the Bible has been “largely lost”.

    He said: “Certainly if I consider what our children are taught in school, it’s more to do with the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and the Easter mouse than Jesus on the cross.”

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    The whole thing has made me think about how we create holidays, as families, and as larger cultures. Sometimes it’s as simple as it is in our house, where our kids get big chocolate Easter eggs on Easter – a British tradition that I didn’t celebrate when I was growing up – but they get those eggs in baskets left for them by the Easter bunny, usually with the kind of green “Easter grass” that my own baskets were always filled with when I was a kid, along with fluffy toys and other small treats. For me, the most fun part of Easter, when I was growing up in Michigan, was colouring the hardboiled eggs for the Easter baskets, so I do that with my American-British kids now, in Wales.
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    Easter is clearly a Christian holiday, but so Americanized it has its own isle at the store for candy and gifts. Our elaborate Easter celebrations have gone to the wayside these past two years as I have spent my Easters literally in transit. Both last year and this year, I have spent the day actually driving across America. IE: the Easter Bunny was not home. I hid candy in a basket for Erika last year, as well as this year, as she has spent these Easters home alone– no holiday dinner made. I sent a box to Jessi and brought candy for Monika to put in a basket at my mom’s house (shown here).
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    The Free Bible software app is ingrained with a number of useful features. As it is a small tool, it requires minimum system resources and it can be installed easily on any computer with Windows OS. It has an easy layout which enables even novices to navigate through the program without any complications. Users can utilize the “Search” option to find any particular verse or chapter in the Bible. Users can add notes at the end of each chapter or bookmark any page in the Bible.

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    Just like spring, eggs are also a representation of new life or rebirth. The traditional act of ornamenting eggs during the holiday is believed to date back hundreds of years ago, to the 13th Century. During this time, congregations were instructed by their church to refrain from consuming eggs during Lent. It was only until Easter Sunday that the consumption of eggs was once again allowed by the Catholic Church. It was not until many years later, when Roman Catholicism dominated Germany, that the association between Easter eggs and the resurrection of Jesus was even made.


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