Self inflicted misery #3 A man given to suffer for us

Self inflicted misery to bear

3.     A man given to suffer for us

About 2000 years ago a man named Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in the land of Israel. His birth, mission, death and resurrection were foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament of the Bible and revealed to us by the writers of the New Testament.
Jesus lived among his fellow Jews during a time when the boundaries of the Roman Empire included the land of Israel. He preached and performed miracles for three-and-a-half years until he was crucified by the Romans. He died on a wooden stake and was buried in a tomb.

Did Jesus Die in Vain?

Did Jesus die in vain?
The Father said:  “Not so!”
He found the work to be complete
Which was performed upon the tree;
And gave a royal seat.

StJohnsAshfield StainedGlass Shepherd
StJohns Ashfield StainedGlass Jesus as the Shepherd or Lamb of God
Having given us His son, who gave us many wise lessons, we should be prepared to bear the difficulties of this earthly life.

In accepting suffering in obedience to the will of God Jesus raised it to a new plane, and showed it no longer as the greatest evil but as a means to an end: for through suffering, in his perfect obedience to God, the son of God, Jesus Christ overcame the power of sin in human nature, and so made possible resurrection from the dead to eternal life with the Father. In this the promised Messiah obtained perfection, a tried and tested faith, completeness in obedience, wholeness in the love of God and the service of man—an example to all his followers.

Now Jesus was made perfect and has become the source of eternal salvation for all those who obey him.

“And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all those who obey Him,” (Hebrews 5:9 KJ21)


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