New Booklet – Can we Communicate with the Dead?

Some years ago one of our standard booklets on Spiritualism went out of print. It has been replaced with the booklet “Can we Communicate with the Dead?”, written to combat some of the more unusual ideas which circulate in society today.
Considering ideas on the occult, contemporary spiritualism and biblical passages the booklet explains the Bible’s clear teaching on the subject of death and its hopeful message of resurrection, and concludes that Bible-teaching makes it impossible for us to speak with the dead.

In the booklet you can read that sense of loss and regret is common to many of us, especially when the death of a loved one occurs unexpectedly. It seeks to answer the many questions we most often hear, by looking at Bible teaching about the state of the dead, the hope of a future life, and whether it is advisable to try and contact people who have passed away. It starts with an account of a vigorous attempt that was made to make such contact, like spiritualism. But it also looks at the many Christian groups who also believe in the survival of the soul or spirit after death, as many people have throughout the ages, whatever their religious convictions.

We are also reminded that over the years, as pagan notions have got mixed up with true Bible teaching, people have got confused and have come to believe that after death we go to heaven.

The booklet is now available from the Office (individual copies £0.50 plus postage) and can be read online here.

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