Today’s thought “Those following the policies of the wrong leaders and popular people” (December 08)

In this world a lot of people may have it much better than we, but we should not worry about our “lesser situation” but think about the way they might have become wealthy or how they tried to gather and save their money. (Micah 6:12; 14)

We might find lots of people who love to keep in line with the majority of the population. They boast how they have enjoyed Halloween or what beautiful Christmas tree they have. Often we can see that they keep only the laws of those who are popular but not such honest or righteous leaders and follow only the example of such wicked leaders.

God warns for such people, that He shall look at them and, like He has made in the past the people of Judah an example, He shall bring more of such people to complete ruin or have them treated with contempt, or mocked by all who can see them. (Micah 6:16)

Let us be more rich in faith than the godless people who think they can build up the best life over here, but do not wonder about what is to come after. We better do not follow them but keep obeying the more righteous Laws of God. delighting in the law of God we also show others how they better follow those laws and put their trust in to the Most Highest God above all gods.

United under Christ, we as brethren and sisters in Christ, should give witness by our walk by faith, in the counsel of the godly and by showing and sharing the love of Christ.



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