Thought for August 15: Mothers Day

Tomorrow several families shall come together to celebrate their mother and to remember the grandmothers. Without the mother there can not be a family.

15 August is that one day of the year we put her at a height. Much too often we caused her pain or gave her a lot of sorrows. Luckily most of us can say that they shared far more laughter and silliness than they ever did hurt or anger her. thinking of our grandmother and mother we can reflect on our own position as parent. When we look at our grandchildren all united on that special day we might be proud what those ladies could create. Because all of us may carry a lot of wisdom of those women.

Often it is only when we ourself become a parent that we fully understand what our parents did for us. Often it is only then that we can see and understand how often they kept things away from our eyes to protect ourselves.

The best way to honour all those mothers is by having lovely families where everybody is ready to come up for each other and ready at every moment to be there to offer help and comfort.

Being religious or not, what we can see all over the world, that the bond between mother and child is something very precious. they are the figures in the world who bring new life, build up new characters, create new hopes and dreams, and are the best ones to restore so many things that went wrong or not how we wished.
By the many acts of those ladies may children and adults are able to overcome the trials and challenges that life presents. For most of us the mother is the one to go to when we do not feel so happy.

Those who are blessed by being with child are life giving human beings who have a serious task but also a precious gift. By getting children those women who can call themselves “mother” or “mama”, “mams” can by feeling to be a “mom” feel close to those they had in their body. That makes them so more sensitive and emotional involved than their male partner. Taking up her duties the mother can grow in (spiritual) richness, showing her kindness, being strong but also weak, more than ones feeling tired, but not always showing it. In the end the many experiences, nice ones and not so nice ones, shall have her made stronger and some one to mirror ourselves in. They should now also that of the human beings they be on the first line and may share one of the most incredible miracles, presenting new life and being proud of that very demanding task to bring up children, never to have any better experience or any bigger moment of happiness than that!

Brothers and sisters let us remember all the mothers and let us cherish the mothers for the sake of this and next generations.


We have our mothers who can bring comfort
but should always remember that most comfort shall come to us when Jesus returns
and when we all shall fall under the comfort of the Most High Elohim, Jehovah God.


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