Today’s thought “Crying to God” (August 04)

Today’s thought
Crying to God
(August 04)

In the previous days we could read about the life of David and see how this sinner still was protected by the One God in Whom David kept putting his faith.

In his distress David not only remembered Who had been so many times with him. He knew Who would be the best person to call upon. Therefore that great king called on the Most High Adonai, his God. We learn that this Mighty God from His Temple heard the voice, and could see how His servant his cry came into His ears. (2 Samuel 22:7)

We need to develop the faith that we too can find a listening ear when we are in problems. Lots of things might happen to us too, which we do not like and for which we do not directly see a solution.

When such things will happen for us too, of which we do not have control, we should know that we can find a listening Ear in heaven.

In today’s chapter (2 Samuel 22) with David’s Songs of Valour and Last Words we can see that in answer to the desperate prayer, God manifested Himself in a marvellous “theophany”: vivid brightness, intense darkness, and a mighty voice, as at Sinai.

Christ prepared the way so that we can come up straight to our heavenly Father and talk directly to Him. We should make use of that advantage and should not be afraid to come to God with our personal problems (great and small).

We may be happy when we can have a personal relationship with God and when able to talk to our God we too can have our cry enter into His Ears that He might deliver us too from death and from the floods of ungodly men that make us afraid. This is of course applied also to the son of man who liberated us, Jesus – Matt 26:39, Luke 22:44, Heb.5:7.


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