Do you want to now more and find more light

If you are interested to find more Light, being on this earth, about matters around you, our suffering and difficulties or about the Kingdom of God, the 50 year old magazine “Light on a new world” may bring answers.

Have a look at some subjects it covered the last year.

  1. New World = The Kingdom of God: What, when, who, & how?
  2. We call this Light on the last great chapter of the human story
  3. The coming time of great change
  4. Israel in the Past and Present
  5. All sorts of figures spoken off in the Bible; like Noah, Ophir, Moab, David, Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, Jacob, Esau, Elijah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Jesus, Mary Magdalene
  6. Lots of places mentioned in the bible: Tel Mardikh / Assyria, Babylon Dead Sea, Lachish
  7. Plants of the Bible: The Almond, Common Acacia, Frankincense
  8. Animals of the Bible: The Leopar, the Ostrich, Peacoc, kangaroo rat, Birds of the Air
  9. Periods spoken off in the Bible: First advent , Coming Age
  10. Light … on Creation and the Works of God
  11. Theory of Evolution Examined
  12. Light … on the Gospel; what it is, Gospel in the Old Testament, Gospel in the Old Testament, and the Gospel and You
  13. Jesus role in the Divine plan
  14. Jesus death and resurrection and his present role as High Priest and Mediator
  15. God’s plan in prophecy
  16. The evidence of archaeology & prophecy
  17. International problems: World Poverty
  18. The coming world conflict
  19. Signs of the Times – Global Disasters
  20. Signs of the Times – Are you actually ready for the Kingdom?
  21. What about your future?
  22. The Hope of the Christadelphians

As you can see the magazine tries to cover a lot. Therefore it can be a useful asset when you want to study the bible and want to have some more guidance for this present life to prepare yourself for the times to come.


Visit the Dawn Fellowship Christadelphians who meet in Bexley, Kent, UK. who publish the “Light on a New World” Magazine

Light on a New World is a free quarterly magazine on Bible topics and about 30 pages. This is supported and written by the members of Dawn Fellowship and organised by members of the Bexley Ecclesia. Take this link Light on a New World Magazine to find a list of over 60 previous issues that you can download to read today. Plus the following Special Editions: Light on Christadelphians, Light on The Bible, Light on Prophecy and Light on Jesus Christ.


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