Half a century Light on a new world

In July 1969 “Light on a New World” a free magazine on Bible topics published four times a year, was first published.

In its first issue was stated to have

“the means of awakening its readers to a realisation that God has revealed His purpose with this earth and that He is going to reconstitute it and make it a new worlds.”

As Brothers and sisters in Christ we want to show others in the world that Jesus is the way to God. For that reason several Christadelphian groups publish leaflets, booklets and periodicals to bring printed material under the eyes of those interested in finding more about Jesus and God.

The Christadelphians believe the Bible (Old and New Testaments) to be the wholly inspired and infallible Word of God.

The Gold Jubilee of the Dawn magazine makes of the “Light on a new world” a magazine that reaches many readers all over the world. They never envisaged in 1969 that the mailing list would include readers in so many countries and help men and women to search the Scriptures to find the Truth of God’s Plan of salvation.

Its principal theme is the salvation of mankind through the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the setting up of the kingdom of God under his rule when he returns to the earth. Light on a New World is published to provide a better understanding of this true Christian hope.

Light magazine is supported and written by the members of Dawn Fellowship and published by the Bexley Christadelphian Ecclesia by its editor Colin Dryland.


The Christadelphians are very willing to answer questions about Bible teaching either privately or in the pages of Light on a New World magazine and correspondence will be welcomed.



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