Finland 2021 update

Finland, officially Republic of Finland, Country, northern Europe, having as majority of the people Finns and a small Sami (Lapp) population in Lapland.

The country is predominantly Protestant but has also a large group Eastern Orthodox church members. The country has the highest percentage of church membership in Scandinavia.
The great majority of the people belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, whose status gradually changed from an official state church to a national church beginning in the 19th century. Again as we mentioned in our previous postings, we can notice that though many may be notated as a member of a church, but are not really active in their faith. Despite the high proportion of church membership, only a small number of Finns attend church regularly.

A small minority of Finns belong to the Orthodox Church of Finland, the only other faith to have the status of a national church.

We could see that over the last two decades the charismatic religious movement that gave rise to a number of Protestant churches in the United States in the 20th century, the Pentecostals won also some attention by the Finns.

Small Jewish and Muslim communities date from the 19th century, when Finland was one of the few parts of the Russian empire where Jews and Muslims could practice their religion more or less freely; however, Jews were granted full rights as citizens only after Finland became independent in 1918. With the founding of its first Islamic congregation in 1925, Finland became the first European country to officially recognize an Islamic congregation. The religious orientation of about one-fourth of Finns is unknown.

Bro. Karl Balloch and family, originally from Pakistan are very anxious to preach since moving as refugees. Karl has produced several news sheets and distributed them. Bro. Ezekiel Longwa who learned the Truth in Tongogara in Zimbabwe is resident in Kupio, some distance away, but the two groups are in touch.

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