Nominal Friends of the Truth

• Nominal Friends of the Truth

Take first the individual who simply gives in his adhesion to the truth in its doctrinal form:‭ ‬he has come to the conclusion that the popular doctrines are fables,‭ ‬and the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ,‭ ‬are the truth‭; ‬but it is with him simply a matter of intellectual recognition.‭

It is only theory with him.‭ ‬His practical estimate of things has not been altered by his new convictions.‭ ‬The things involved in the truth have not engaged his love.‭ ‬His interest still runs in a worldly channel.‭ ‬He is taken up with the things that belong to the present.‭ ‬His affections are set on things on the earth,‭ ‬and not on things above.‭ ‬Conversation on the truth is impossible with him.‭ ‬His replies on religious matters are monosyllabic.‭ ‬He assents to a remark made,‭ ‬but he never supplies fresh material‭; ‬his mind is not running on the matter.‭

Only turn,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬upon another subject,‭ ‬begin to ask him about his business,‭ ‬and instantly he will become voluble,‭ ‬his tongue will be loosed‭; ‬he will be able,‭ ‬with multiplicity of words and emphasis of expression,‭ ‬almost rhetorical,‭ ‬to describe the various matters pertaining to his particular occupation.

Or,‭ ‬suppose he is a domestic man,‭ ‬he will be able to give almost an inventory of the furniture and effects,‭ ‬and a treatise on the best articles of diet and the way to cook them,‭ ‬the terms upon which the house is leased,‭ ‬and all the minutæ of details going to make up the mere substratum of existence.

The Christadelphian, May 1868


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