The Bible Education Centre Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunset view of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Sunset view of Chiang Mai, Thailand. – Photo Encyclopaedia Britannica

Chiang Mai is located in the mountainous northern part of Thailand. It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province and was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lan Na (1296–1768), which became the Kingdom of Chiang Mai, a tributary state of Siam from 1774 to 1899 and finally the seat of a merely ceremonial prince until 1939. It is 700 km (435 mi) north of Bangkok and is situated amongst the highest mountains in the country. The city sits astride the Ping River, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River, and has a long history as a spiritual and religious center, but now the light of the Gospel is illuminating a new way of life.

A Bible Education Center in the city serves both native Thai and Burmese across the border in Myanmar.

One such student is Nadia, a Lawa, a minor ethnic group found in Thailand and Myanmar. A wife and mother of two little girls, and a small businessperson, she comes to the BEC in Chiang Mai to increase her understanding of the Bible. Despite growing up as a Christian, she knew very little of its teaching so she’s on a fairly steep learning curve when she sits down for class.

-- Chiang Mai, Thailand
— Chiang Mai, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fieldworkers provide the classroom instruction. Currently in Chiang Mai two young brothers and a
middle-aged sister assist this vital undertaking. (Sis. Ang, Bro. Ebenezer and Bro. Neh Nae together with Mike and Charlotte Bostin from New Zealand and Karen Nutter from Australia help out.).

For the work to continue, Western fieldworkers are needed. If you are able to commit your time, consider volunteering. WCF continues to provide funding for White Fields workers covering travel and living expenses.


Texts about Chiang Mai

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  15. Chiang Mai Temple Hopping: Wat Phra Singh
  16. Chiang Mai Temple Hopping: Wat Chedi Luan
  17. Temple Hopping: The Random Temples of Chiang Mai
  18. Review ~ 99 The Heritage Hotel, Chiangmai
  19. Rim Resort Hotel, Chiang Mai
  20. Chiang Mai Day 1 – The journey there
  21. Chiang Mai Day 2 – Exploring the neighborhood
  22. Chiang Mai Day 3 – markets galore
  23. Chiang Mai Day 4 – a day of rest (for some)
  24. Chiang Mai Day 5 – Beyond the Walls.
  25. Photo Post 3: Local Market, Chiang Mai area (Warning: may be too visceral for some viewers.)
  26. diy travel from vientiane to pai
  27. Route 1095 (Chiang Mai – Pai)
  28. Wandering Chiang Mai, Day 1
  29. Chinese New Year in Chiang Mai
  30. Wat Day
  31. Songkran!
  32. Celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai
  33. Surviving Songkran
  34. Reflections; Two Years as Expats
  35. Our Thailand Itinerary…and how we would have done it differently!
  36. Fear, excitement, and indecision
  37. Volunteering at a Thailand Dog Shelter
  38. A kind Thai lady who sang “Chale Chalo” in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  39. Jasmine Hills Resort and Spa – A Little Piece Of Heaven
  40. A Week with Giants 
  41. Patara Elephant Farm – Chiang Mai
  42. Elephant Nature Park – Chiang Mai
  43. Mud-Bathing With Elephants in Thailand
  44. CMU back gate foodie guide
  45. I like Reform Kafe, Chiang Mai
  46. Chiang Mai Day 6 – Farewell
  47. Goodbye Thailand!
  48. Over and out, Chiang Mai


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