The express train of the speeding time

Before we knew it 2016 was already lying way back behind us. We can not neglect that the pace of life is faster than ever before and that nobody seems to want to give others much time.

Everywhere we hear about the pressure at work and how there cannot be found enough time to do all the things properly which have to be done. Often partners have to work long hours and when coming home so much homework or household-work is waiting there to be done, that after it is finished there is not much time left over for relaxation and for spending a cosy time with each other. There does not seem much time left over to talk to each other and even less time to talk to the Divine Creator Who has given us the right to be here and the ability to enjoy all the things around us.

Often we are so busy trying to get in enough money to pay for all the gadgets and all the leisure we want to enjoy, that we do forget the Divine Maker Who makes everything possible.

At our mother ecclesia site brother Jon looks at the November week last year when he has spent the week dealing with train delays due to the flooding in the West Country.

He writes

Time like this would once have been spent thinking or talking to fellow passengers.

and confesses

I spent it working on a laptop (on the rare occasions when I got a seat) or glued to my mobile phone. There are quite a few powerful scriptures suggesting that, rather than filling every second with activity, it would be a good idea if we learnt to make time in our busy schedules to stop, and listen to God.

But today, how many people would be prepared to stop to take such a moment of silence and to use that silence to let their heart be carried away to higher levels.

Brother Jon notices

English: Remembrance Sunday A very well attend...
Remembrance Sunday A very well attended Remembrance Sunday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To stop making noise is pretty easy (unless you happen to be a child)! But to quieten your busy mind and focus on God without wandering onto thinking about the next task in the day, or a problem at the back of your mind, takes some doing. This was brought home to me during the two minute silence on Remembrance Sunday recently. Two minutes feels like a very long time for one who is unaccustomed to even short periods of silence!

Please come to see how silence can sometimes be a good thing and read brother Jon his article: Stop. Listen to God


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9 thoughts on “The express train of the speeding time

  1. It is a challenge to just stop and listen to God. It comes down to staying focused. I often allow the things of this world to distract me and keep me from listening to God alone. Resting in God has to be a conscious effort on our part. As we do that God will pick it up and do the rest. Thanks for sharing.


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