Christadelphian Samaritan Fund and donation to appeals by UNICEF

Flag of UNICEF
Flag of UNICEF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christadelphians support various charities worldwide and in addition have set up organisations to cover the care of our elderly, families in distress, and missionary work. One of such funds is the Christadelphian Samaritan Fund which makes financial contributions to non-Christadelphians to provide for human need and the relief of suffering which is a consequence of war or natural disasters. It supports about 100 established charities involved in the relief of suffering or research into the causes of illness.

They also support the Disasters Emergency Committee, using funds specified for national and international disasters.

In August the Samaritan Fund made a substantial donation to appeals by UNICEF to bring humanitarian relief to hundreds of thousands of young children facing life threatening malnutrition in West Africa, and to the large numbers of refugees coming out of Syria now living in camps situated in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq.

The Samaritan Fund is also able to forward donations from ecclesias and brethren and sisters wishing to support these appeals.

Donations should be sent to the Treasurer, Brother Ken Smith, Westhaven House, Arleston Way, Shirley, Solihull, West Mids., B90 4LH, with a note earmarking it for the UNICEF appeals for West Africa and/or refugees from Syria.



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    These shoes will greatly benefit Samaritan’s Feet’s mission, and will be distributed to people in the United States and internationally in some of the 62 countries that the organization has served.

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    Yes he did. In the Book of Acts, we do not see a categorical reading that Paul asked his supporters for money to sustain his missionary work. We see in chapter eleven that the disciples raised money to help their brothers in Jerusalem during a time of famine (Acts 11:30). In another part, we see Paul receiving support from the Macedonian churches during his missionary work in Corinth (Acts 18:5 and 2 Corinthians 11:9). In chapter 13, we understand that Paul and Barnabbas were sent off to missionary work by the Church of Antioch (Acts 13:3). We can only assume that being sent off also means being financially supported by brothers and sisters from Antioch.
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    When Dr. Warren DeKraay went on his first medical mission with his daughter in 1978, he had no idea it would be the first of many trips to come. Missionary work would become his lifelong passion. Since 1996, DeKraay has worked with 12 different organizations, both secular and religious, to deliver the essential medical care so sorely needed in impoverished areas around the globe.
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    not everyone can pick up and go half way around the world to help the less fortunate. But everyone can apply some of the principles I saw at work in Cambine and nearby Chicuque. We often talk about the need for passion and purpose in our work. I suggest that taking that one step further—becoming a missionary for your cause, startup or company—separates the truly engaged from those who are merely getting by.
    Missionaries know how to connect with others at the most basic, human level. This is not mere communication. This is true connection.
    Don’t become a hollow evangelist; instead, strive to be the person on the ground doing the real work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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