Run for the Everlasting Cure

Since 2005, ecclesias and youth groups all over the world have participated in a yearly day of prayer, followed by a 5 KM fun Run/Walk, particularly focused on praying for our brothers and sisters (and extended family, friends and neighbours) who are struggling with cancer or other difficult diseases.

For the yearly event they choose the last Saturday in November.

Reflecting on our urgent need for the healing power of God in our lives, and the only true and lasting hope – the return of Christ as King in Jerusalem, we do come together with a feeling of unity all over the world. But this day we concentrate on those who are affected by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.

We also want to be dedicated to minimizing the impact of cancer through public education, screening, patient services, financial assistance, research and advocacy, and therefore bring this disease which affects so many in the picture. Such a walk or run can offer forums, talks and campaigns to educate the public on cancer prevention and control.

The run can be done just for fun or your passion for sports can be channelled into a meaningful effort to save lives by becoming our Charity Athlete. Dedicate your participation in sporting events to our fight against cancer and you will give the less fortunate a chance to live.
Some take part in this celebration of surviving a cancer experience. Others take part in memory of a loved one or to give hope to a cancer-free future.

All can come together and share experiences. A cancer diagnosis is difficult to cope with. It is important, however, that you discuss the type, size, and location of the cancer with your doctor when you are diagnosed. You also will want to ask about treatment options, along with their benefits and risks. But next to this you often find yourself prisoned in your own body and would like to exchange some thoughts about this ‘thing’ where you do seem to be not able to do something against it. Talking about it can help. Sharing an activity together shall make it easier to talk about all sorts of things which go into you mind running like mad.

We all want to “walk it out of our body”. The importance of it for many is to feel healthy and to be around people that support them plus letting others see and feel how supportive other people can be for them.

Join our worldwide community in prayer for our friends and family in the faith who are struggling with debilitating and terrible illnesses – particularly cancer.

To add your friends, family and ecclesial members to the prayer list posted online, or for further information, write to

You can also join the facebook group Run for the Everlasting Cure to correspond with other run organizers and participants around the world.
Make this your year to participate too!

The more who participate, the better!! This event has many positive sides to it. It unites us world-wide, it makes us more aware of the needs of our community, it brings us together in prayer, it includes our Father in heaven in our thoughts and prayers, it strengthens the bonds of our community locally and world-wide. It is a biblical principle put into practice to ask God’s healing (James 5:14-16) and shows those who suffer in our community that we care about them and want to support them. It allows for us to interact ecclesially in a healthy and positive way, outside enjoying God’s creation and thinking about someone other than ourselves. It fosters relationships with all age-groups within our community.

Be there in one of the participating ecclesiae: November 24, 2012

More info > The 2012 Run for the Everlasting Cure


"Cancer - Early Diagnosis Would Save 50,0...
“Cancer – Early Diagnosis Would Save 50,000 Lives Every Year” – NARA – 514027 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who want to be only under women, “Running for fitness and against cancer” shall have her 4th Women’s Run– on the 23rd of September, at 10:30around the ponds of Ixelles. the run shall be in aid of the “Friends of Institute Bordet” which assembles many experts in the quest against breast cancer.

By choosing a distance which is manageable by everyone, « La Bruxelloise » or “De Brusselse” stimulates desire, taste, curiosity and pride in all who have not yet dreamt of facing this challenge themselves.  Everyone at her own rhythm, the only thing that counts is participation – the distances are 3, 6 or 9 km!  More information on


En regardant la vidéo de 2011 vous ne pourrez que vous remémorer des souvenirs énormes et si vous n y étiez pas rejoignez-nous en 2012.

De resultaten van de uitgave 2011 zijn on-line u kunt ze raadplegen door deze link te volgen!

Buiten de wedstrijden word je verwacht in de Welcome Village, waar gezelligheid troef is:


crowd-waving-hands-2-210x292Race for Life

Special Report: Outrunning Cancer

The 2012 Run for the Everlasting Cure

Cancer Carcinoma; Malignant tumor


Aflac Childhood Cancer Awareness Banner
Aflac Childhood Cancer Awareness Banner (Photo credit: cbucky)
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Get Involved (
    Many lives have been touched by breast cancer. Whether it’s a dear friend, a relative or yourself, many of us are “aware” of the threat it causes 365 days a year. But in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we all come together to show our support for those affected, to show that we care, and to unite together to fight it.

In the coming weeks, you’ll begin hearing about the local events, such as walks or runs, which benefit and raise awareness about breast cancer.  Participation in any of these events will help cancer research and awareness organizations greatly.  Awareness is the most significant factor in finding and treating any kind of cancer.

Participants walked or ran a 5k course through the park, starting at the American Museum of Natural History and ending at the Bandshell.

The race also included a special shortened course for the disabled, elderly and those undergoing cancer treatment.

  • Pink-clad pooches battle breast cancer (
    With outfits including pink feather boas, pink fairy wings, pink shirts and pink bandanas, the dogs were all dressed for the Pooches in Pink event to support the cancer-fighting charity. A few dogs strutted in pink fur or pink tutus.

“Everybody has been immediately touched by cancer,” said Maura Houston, 55. She attended Pooches in Pink with her husband and their dog, Reno.

“We just have to do something about it,” said Connie Lakin with Veronica’s Daughter.

Approximately 21,000 people took part in Sunday’s race. Every one of them is walking for a reason. Veronica Schalk comes every year. At the age of 99, she has lost five sisters to breast cancer.

The Pink Promise Garden holds row after row of flowers for those who have lost the battle against cancer. Breast cancer runs in Karyn Booker’s family. Her mother and aunt died from the disease several years ago. Now, Karyn is five years cancer free.

“It’s a battle but you can get through it if you have three things: God, family and friends,” Booker said.

Strangers in the crowd became fast friends on Sunday. The sisterhood that binds them together is survival and the hope for a cure to their common enemy.

  • Chemo worsens Cancer (
    Study Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse
  • Lip Cancer Treatment & Symptoms (
    The most common form of oral cancer is lip cancer. The occurrence of oral cancer is more common in climates that receive a great deal of sun. In many cases, damage caused by the sun can often turn into lip cancer. If you have lip cancer or feel that you are at risk, it is imperative that you visit a doctor.
  • Race for the Cure Evansville, IN I will be there will You? (
    My wife Andrea challenged me to enter the Run for the Cure with her this year. I just started my weight loss journey a week ago and participating in a 5K run was not at the top of my list but I need to start somewhere. And I am one who does not turn away from a challenge.
  • Sebastian’s Run/Walk in Mt Laurel on Sept. 15 will fight childhood cancer (
    The fight against childhood cancer will continue Saturday, Sept. 15, at Sebastian’s RunWalk For a Cure in the Town of Mt Laurel.Proceeds from the event, which began in 2009, will benefit the Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s of Alabama.
  • Cancer Birthday (
    Five days ago, just before her 55th birthday, my mom Sherry, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Suddenly my world is changed. Will my mom, my best friend, soon be a weak, nauseous, wig-wearing woman? Will she be around to see my kids be born and married? Then my nurse instincts kicked in and I got to work. I never pictured my life without her being a huge part of it, and I don’t plan on that changing.
  • Thousands Battle Breast Cancer in Race for the Cure (
    The fight against breast cancer brings thousands of people from across the metro together every year.

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