An infection that seemed to spread with ease

Wherever we look in the news at the moment, the headlines are about COVID-19 and Coronavirus. This infection seems to spread with ease, and measures taken by the authorities (some of them drastic) have done little to stop the virus reaching many countries. The speed with which the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is racing around the world is having a devastating effect on many lives. We pray for the ill and for the medical staff who care for them. Most of all we pray for the return of our Lord.

Scientists are working at full speed to find a vaccine, already over-stretched hospitals are challenged even more to treat patients and governments wrestle with action plans to contain further spreading. It’s not quite panic – although behaviour in some supermarkets suggests otherwise – but there is worry and concern.

Jesus listed diseases and pestilences as one of the signs

When telling the disciples about events which would precede his return, Jesus listed diseases, or pestilences, as one of the many signs that would be experienced.

“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” (Luke 21:11)

Any suffering is unpleasant, and those with loved ones who are struck down by this virus, or affected themselves, are deserving of sympathy and help. But the message from the Lord Jesus is that these are signs “from heaven”. In other words the Almighty is in control of these things.
We need not worry as others do, not because we are somehow immune from this infection, but because we know this is just a stepping stone to something far better. The time is coming when all illness and suffering, endured since the days of Eden, will come to an end. How we need the Lord Jesus to establish God’s kingdom here on earth.

In the March’s issue of The Christadelphian there is taken a look at the present situation and how “He Healeth all thy Diseases”

The body of Christ

The previous months everywhere in Europe you could find empty church buildings.

First of all, we have traditionally argued strongly that the “church” (Matthew 16:18; 18:17; etc.) is nothing to do with buildings, structures and hierarchies. It is about the individuals who make up the body. Some modern translations appreciate this in Acts 2:47 where instead of “added to the church” (KJV) they say “added to their number” (ESV) or something similar.
Now is the time for us to show we are still a community of believers, the body of Christ, even if we are all separated and prevented from having fellowship face-to-face.

The Christadelphian magazine

The English printed magazine “The Christadelphian” is one of the tools to share the Good News and to show how we all together are forming one brotherhood.

The Christadelphian Office

The UK Government has instructed that unless absolutely unavoidable, people should work from home. The Christadelphian office is complying with this request. The Office is now closed but trying to serve its customers online. Orders will take time to process, and it may not be possible to attend to them for a while. Physical mail is being delivered, but unlikely to be answered quickly. In the meantime please contact us at or

As always, all the Christadelphian Office their plans and endeavours are intended for the glory of Almighty God and are subject to His blessing.


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