Virtual meetings and preaching


Having got over the hurdle of running ‘virtual’ breaking of bread meetings and Bible classes we need to think about our preaching.

Typical Bible Hour addresses might still work if your ecclesia has unbaptized members who will connect in, but it is less easy to engage with the public this way. At our ecclesia we only offer the internet Breaking of Bread service to baptised members or families known to us. This means no unbaptised people cna enter the meeting. Before corona time everybody was always welcome at our real life service. (The internet streaming was always reserved to members only)

Preaching suggestions will be welcomed and shared on our website and on the website of the Christadelphian Office, so please send them in.

As an initial step, why not place a poster outside your meeting room with an appropriate message:

“We are unable to meet here temporarily, sorry, but God is still near. Find out more by visiting http://www.xxxx”.

Ecclesial websites can be quoted or something more generic such as (the CALS site).

Other events might also be worth considering.

Cancellations have been numerous (understandably) but it is possible to hold ‘virtual’ Study Evenings and Fraternal Gatherings, if access details are provided beforehand. Participants would have to supply their own sausage rolls and trifle …


Whatever the outcome of this particular episode of suffering (for some) and great uncertainty (for many), the Almighty has placed us in our homes and given us all time to reflect. May we learn lessons and be ready to meet with our Lord, should he return soon, or resolve to be better disciples if the time is not yet.



Coronavirus and Closure of the Christadelphian meeting rooms

An infection that seemed to spread with ease

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