South West Wales Prophecy Day 2016 September 24

All brothers,sisters and friends are warmly welcomed to this exciting Gathering around the Word of Life.

Although Bible prophecy can be difficult to interpret, some predictions seem clear – for example, the return of Israel to their own land (fulfilled in 1948). The Brexit vote, where Britain decided to leave the EU following a referendum, is consistent with prophecies traditionally interpreted to mean that Britain will collaborate with nations other than the EU at the time of Jesus’ return. However, there are other plausible interpretations of these prophecies.

In September the Christadelphians want to take time to look at the present situation in Europe and how the world events seem to fulfil Bible prophecies. Also they will show that it is probably better to reflect on the fact that God is in control of world events (Daniel 2:21-22), Jesus will return at some point, and we should be ever-ready for this (Mark 13:35-36)!!

We can prepare ourselves and that is a task given to us all.

Saturday September 24th
Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot SA13 1PJ.
Theme: ‘The Time of the End’

Doors Open at 10.00 with varied range of displays and book stalls.


*The role of Tarshish at the Time of the end*
Speaker: Bro Matt Davies (Nottingham,Forest Road).

12.30p., – 1.30p.m. Lunch. Bring your own or purchase from the canteen.


*The King of the North and Turkey*
Speaker: Bro Mike Jenner (Rugby).

14:30 to 15.00 Break.


‘*And at the time the people shall be delivered^
Speaker: Bro Simeon Guntrip (Machester,Sale).

Adjacent parking (3.30 pounds). Easy access to M4.


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