Rugby Prophecy Day looking at World Events In The Hand Of God

On 25th Feb, at the Benn Hall, Rugby CV212LN doors shall open at 10am for those interested in how this world and the Brexit fits in a bigger plate where there also perhaps can be some works of angels to look at and words form Scriptures to take at heart when we can see many signs today which should be a warning for us.


Prophecy (film)
Prophecy (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year Art Courtonel and the Rugby ecclesia have again invited 3 speakers to speak under the theme
‘World Events In The Hand Of God!’.

The studies:

1. Bro Simeon Guntrip (Sale) on ‘The work of the Angels’
2. Bro Roger Long (Cov G.R.) on ‘Britain, Brexit and the Beast’
3. Bro Don Pearce (Rugby) on ‘Milestones Update’

Either bring a packed lunch (liquid refreshment will be served), or alternatively the town center is very accessible. The members of the ecclesia are providing a Creche with a live video link. Books, magazines, video displays and craft stalls will also be in situ.

The day will also be broadcast live at or alternatively at Also Southport meeting is planning an audio + slides link-up.

For further information please contact Bro Art Courtonel <> 01212 885500


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