A world in denial

Aftermath and Trauma of an incident

The aftermath of the movie theatre shooting, at the opening of the latest blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises,  in Colorado that claimed the lives of 12 people brought out once again the familiar calls for greater gun control and national reflection to determine what could have triggered such a shocking act of violence. These types of harrowing incidents often tend to produce legitimate collective soul searching, which sometimes even manifests in effective legislation to prevent similar crimes from occurring in the future.

“However, as heinous as the Colorado shooting was, viewed on its own it is worth noting that in terms of scale it pales in comparison to the near-industrial-level killing that regularly ravages much of inner-city America; in particular the city of Chicago, which has been grappling with years of protracted violence that has produced numbers of dead and wounded more appropriate to an active war zone than a major American city.” writes in Chicago: Aurora all the time .

Death is always near. In our regions, more people are killed in road accidents than by armed incidents and terrorist actions. But every person who loses his or her life for no special reason is one to much, and brings a traumatic experience to others.

Trauma is an unexpected, derailing experience. For those who are in its direct line, it crushes the mind, body and soul. For those of us who witness it, we reel in waves of horror – helpless and saddened by it all. One of the ways to restore a sense of security after a mass tragedy is to understand why things like this happen, and then move into action mode to help yourself and loved ones heal. ” says Dr. Deb.

“The unconscious motive of an act of terror is to destroy objects and people because they are sources of unbearable feelings of envy. The violence emerges from historical rage, grief, dread and pain, congealing into the need to annihilate others. It is a dangerous, bitter brine. When murderous rage is acted out – and victims are put through horror, cruelty and unspeakable loss – he transcends his own pain. ” Dr. Deb writes in his 10 Tips for Making Sense of Evil: The Colorado Theatre Shooting.

Problems and Violence

Today many may love to accuse Muslim people for the problems they have in their own country. It is easy to blame others for that. Nobody likes to look in his own bosom.

Conférence : La violence contre les femmes (Be...Many do find that the world is falling apart with violent attacks, suicide bombs, and senseless murders.  And yet mankind insists that  nothing in the world has changed.
On television we get a lot of bad news, but many think the coverage on the little screen is just a little fraction of what is really happening. Coverage of modern News they give is very terse – and looks much worse – than the world in which we live, they think. And they believe the reason why it is so can be found by the easiness governments allow people to enter their country, or because the government does not give enough penalties to people who do something wrong.

Violence! (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

Some say that nothing has changed and that there have always been some problems, which may not be exaggerated. We have always had distress but those who are much older can recall and will confess that the world-wide situation is far different from past times. They would say when they were young or when their grandparents were young it was much better. Those who remember older days shall be able to see lots of differences. Many shall also say that there’s a great increase in problems with a great increase in crimes.

It’s not just isolated to a place just now and then. We can not ignore the increase in bullying, family troubles, crisis coming after crisis, religions disputing with each other and even getting up against each other, burning churches, bombing mosques, beheading and dismembering others.

The loss of Life it costs has diminished. Today a life does not seem to be worth much. Respect to other people has diminished like never before. People stabbing people over trivial minor stuff, people shoot their children, there seems to be no love in the world of today. Arsonists starting fires that blaze and burn away miles of homes and nature nothing left for them to stay.

The violence has no limits, they rape and sodomize, pour acid on each other, gouging out their crying eyes. The Riots and the Protests as they rampage thru the streets smashing cars and store front windows while attacking the police. Shootings for no reason even in the malls, at schools and in crèches. The schools are plagued with killers, no safety in their halls.

School and sport teachers, and the clergy having sex with any child, the pornography of violent acts, decent values have gone wild.

Children beating strangers, the beggars, homos on the street killing them with hammers, kicking them with their feet.

Mothers offering their children drugs, beating them up, butcher children cutting off their arms, throwing them off bridges, doing them great harm.
Pregnant women torn apart disembowled with a knife by crazy cold and hateful ones discarding human life.

Parking Lots offer muggings where kidnap is a game for paedophile predators the whole world’s gone insane.
The anger of our drivers who will shoot to kill in rage if you dare to pass their car up just a feature of our age.

Violent by Nature
Violent by Nature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being safe or in danger

No one is safe anymore, no matter where you live, people shot while getting mail or opening their trash lid.

Little girls buried alive after they’ve been raped. A mother strangled with her son then thrown into a Lake.

Savage men who thirst for blood, eating human flesh. Looking for another meal a child – small and fresh. To barbeque and cut apart and stored in plastic bin. Like butchered meat from Deli trays the modern latest sin.

The ravages of nature a plague that rules each day. Tsunami torment nightmares. The violent winds at play.

Disaster upon disaster, eruptions and earthquakes, volcanic smoke and ashes, flooding rivers and the lakes. Rivers bursting Levees. Mudslides wash away obstructing even highways tearing trees along the way.
Tornados wreaking havoc, even bricks give way to wind, homes are burst to splinters, destroying everything within. Trucks are blown off highways by the violent breath of storms, hail the size of softballs during weather that is warm. Children killed by lightening as they bowed before a cross, many fried before our eyes, we contemplate the loss. Hurricanes and Cyclones torment the world today, no place is safe from the evil face of Nature‘s Violent way.

The Picture of this being on this earth

We think you get the picture, for we could go on with more, as troubled times begin to mount for we know what is in store.
For Christ said that distress would mark the days of his return, he gave us ample warning in hopes that we would learn.
To stay awake – and be prepared, for that’s what Jesus said, pay attention to the world’s events so you will know ahead.
That its time to Look for him, and that’s what we should do. For Christ warned all to be prepared, yes, everyone of you.
It’s for this very reason that we attempt to consolidate all the clues, we find in the news before it is too late.

NOLAMarchPoydrasThugsAreTerrorists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No thief can overtake you if you know that he is near. You’ll keep awake, and will be safe and there will be no fear.

The fact that Christ foretold this, left nothing to dismay we’ll be prepared with all he shared for his final glorious day.

Disaster and Problems of all times

As in the time of Nehemia people are facing economic disaster because internal vexations arose and climate brought in certain place drought while others were flooded. Bumper crops the farmers had looked for did not materialize and many where taken in by firms which manipulated the seeds, so the farmers had become dependant  on them. Farmers but also people who thought they were sure of their employment took out mortgages at a rate of interest that was beyond their ability to repay.  Other people mortgaged their homes to pay their taxes. There was an abundance of foreclosures by the money lenders. At the time of Nehemiah, after giving it some thought, the prophet became very angry. Some folks think that preachers should never get mad and should never assert judgement on wrongdoers. But in Isaiah 63:10, we see that even the Holy Spirit, when grieved, can turn around and become your enemy. The loving nature of the Holy Spirit does not pre-empt His readiness to correct.

English: Holy Spirit church: Cellingpainting: ...
English: Holy Spirit church: Cellingpainting: Assumption of Christ Locality: Heiligengeistplatz Community:Klagenfurt Deutsch: Heiligengeistkirche: Deckengemälde – Christi Himmelfahrt Ort: Heiligengeistplatz Gemeinde:Klagenfurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Let me recount the kindnesses of יהוה  {Jehovah} and the praises of יהוה , according to all that יהוה has done for us, and the great goodness toward the house of Yisra’ which He has done for them according to His compassion, and according to His many kindnesses. And He said, “They are My people, children who do not act falsely.” And He became their Saviour. In all their distress He was distressed, and the Messenger of His Presence saved them. In His love and in His compassion He redeemed them, and He lifted them up and carried them all the days of old. But they rebelled and grieved His Set-apart Spirit, so He turned against them as an enemy, and He fought against them. ” (Isaiah 63:7-10 The Scriptures 1998+)

Instead of following the example of Nehemiah, who called the priests, and took an oath of them, and assembled the rulers and leaders and rebuked them for the usury which they had put on the people and overburdening them, the preachers do point their fingers to the people themselves and make them also afraid of other people, especially of those who seem to be a danger for Christianity because in that other group they still speak about the fear for God and the way to get in heaven, though not always a sanctified way.

“And there was a great outcry of the people and their wives against their brothers, the YehudAnd there were some who were saying, “We, our sons, and our daughters are many. Let us get grain for them, and eat, and live.” And there were some who were saying, “We have mortgaged our lands and vineyards and houses. Let us buy grain because of the scarcity of food.” And there were those who were saying, “We have borrowed silver for the sovereign’s tax on our lands and vineyards. “And now our flesh is like the flesh of our brothers, our children like their children. And see, we are subjecting our sons and our daughters to be slaves, and some of our daughters have already been subjected, and there is no power in our hands, for other men have our lands and vineyards.””

“And it was very displeasing to me when I heard their outcry and these words. And my heart ruled over me, and I strove with the nobles and with the deputy rulers, and said to them, “You are exacting interest, each one from his brother.” And I called a great assembly against them, and said to them, “According to our ability we have redeemed our brothers, the Yehudwho were sold to the gentiles. And you even sell your brothers! Or should they be sold to us?” And they were silent and found not a word to say. I also said, “What you are doing is not good. Should you not walk in the fear of our Elohim because of the reproach of the gentiles, our enemies? “And also, I, my brothers and my servants, am lending them silver and grain. Please, let us leave off this interest! “Please, give back to them, even today, their lands, their vineyards, their olive-trees, and their houses, also the hundredth part of the silver and of the grain, and of the new wine, and of the oil, that you have taken from them.” And they said, “Let us give it back, and ask no more from them, we do as you say.” Then I called the priests, and made them swear to do according to this word. I also shook out the fold of my garment and said, “Let Elohim in this way shake out each man from his house, and from his property, who does not do this word, even to be thus shaken out and emptied.” And all the assembly said, “Amand praised יהוה {Jehovah}. And the people did according to this word. Also, from the day I was appointed to be their governor in the land of Yehud from the twentieth year until the thirty-second year of Sovereign Artah twelve years, neither I nor my brothers ate the governor’s food. But the former governors who were before me laid burdens on the people, and took from them bread and wine, besides forty sheqels of silver. Their servants also oppressed the people, but I did not do so, because of the fear of Elohim. And I also applied myself to the work on this wall. We did not buy any land. And all my servants were gathered there for the work. And at my table were one hundred and fifty of the Yehudand deputy rulers, besides those who came to us from the nations around us. And that which was prepared for me daily was one ox and six choice sheep, and birds were prepared for me, and once every ten days plenty of all kinds of wine. And in spite of this I did not seek the governor’s food, because the bondage was heavy on this people. O my Elohim, remember me for the good – all that I have done for this people. ” (Nehemiah 5:1-19 The Scriptures 1998+)

Nehemeia had called his people to see that many things they did were not good and that they ought to walk in the fear of their God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, because of the reproach of the nations our enemies. He knew that the best way to come to a nice solution would be to restore to them, even this day, their fields, their vineyards, their olive groves, and their houses, also the hundredth part of the money, and of the grain, the new wine, and the oil, that they were been charged. Is that not something they could do with Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, but also with the many poor people taken in by the corrupt bankmanagers?

Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, v...
Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicinity of Caribou, Aroostook County, Me. Schools do not open until the potatoes are harvested. (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Though we may see that former governors were supported by the people, and took ‘bread’ or ways of living from them, Nehamia did not do so, because of the fear of יהוה God. But many preachers in many denominations love the way they can use their power. The Church in centuries has done a lot to get the full power in this world. Their we can find the new Babylon.

Taking Fear

But the people of today should know better and take their own steps backward, away from the defiled systems, and taking fear again, not for those people or organisations, but for God, because that is the beginning of wisdom. All those who try to do the work of God shall get a good understanding. From Scriptures given in the hands of set apart people, God provided solutions for our lives and assured His followers they shal be  blessed and get His praise forever!

“The fear of יהוה  {Jehovah} is the beginning of wisdom, All those doing them have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever. ” (Psalms 111:10 The Scriptures 1998+)
“The fear of יהוה {Jehovah} is the beginning of knowledge1; Fools despise wisdom and discipline. {Footnote: 1See 9:10, Ps. 111:10}. “(Proverbs 1:7 The Scriptures 1998+)
“The fear of יהוה {Jehovah} is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Set-apart One is understanding{1. Footnote: 1:7}.” (Proverbs 9:10 The Scriptures 1998+)

Knowing better

Looking at what is going on in this world we should know better and we should also let others know to abandon their foolish ways so that they and we may live, and proceed in the way of understanding. Remembering that whoever corrects a mocker is asking for insult; whoever reproves a wicked person receives abuse, we better not, our of angriness, reprove a mocker or he will hate you. It is better to show with our example how a good decent person can live a better way and how we perhaps reprove a wise person so that he will love us. Giving instruction to a wise person, giving him chances to become wiser still; teaching a righteous person and making him add to his learning. This all in the knowledge that to fear the Only One God, Jehovah, the Father of all, is the beginning of wisdom, but also the only way to come to the best life ever possible, our way to enter the Kingdom of God. Only by fearing the right person, Jehovah God and acknowledging the Holy One we shall receive understanding and we shall find our days will be many, and years will be added to our life.

If you are wise, you are wise to your own advantage, but if you are a mocker, you alone must bear it. (Proverbs 9:6-12)

In the whole history of mankind we see that the fear of the Most High leads to an upright life (Proverbs 8:13). Joseph (son of Jacob) kept away from the lusts of Potiphar’s wife because he knew what was right and wrong in the eyes of God, and he feared his Upper Master more than the master on earth. (Genesis 39:1-23). Potiphar had put everything under Joseph’s authority because the Almighty Creator had given Joseph favour.


We never have an excuse because the world is bad that we can go and join in this badness. We may see all the evil going on in this world. We may find it pardonable that we do also little things to enrich ourselves or to enjoy ourselves like others do. However we should remember all those lessons God has given in the past to guide His people. We can find those histories in the Holy Scriptures, which are given to us for our education. We can ignore them or we can take our lessons out of them.

Though it is impossible to withdraw from the world completely because we are in it, it is no excuse not to live totally according to the Laws of the Lord. We as Christians did also get the Laws of Christ to get us through this life. Jesus has told many parables which showed us the way how to arrange our life. Jesus made it also clear that no matter what happens we must draw a line between our behaviour and the world’s behaviour, and we do have to make the right choices. We cannot want it both ways. That is the difficulty in life we cannot belong to the world and at the same time to God. But being part of the body of Christ, being an accepted son of God, receiving the grace of the only mediator between God and men (Jesus) we can, however, live a life in this world without conforming to it (Romans 12:1-2).  Joseph radiated purity in a corrupt environment (as did Nehemiah).

We should come to a consecration of the Believer’s Life, exhort each other, presenting our bodies as a sacrifice — alive, holy, and pleasing to God — which is our reasonable service. Though living in this world we should not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind, so that we may test and approve what is the Will of God — what is good and well- pleasing and perfect. The apostle Paul called his brothers and sisters to do that, and we should follow his example.

“I call upon you, therefore, brothers, through the compassion of Elohim, to present your bodies a living offering – set-apart, well-pleasing to Elohim – your reasonable worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim. ” (Romans 12:1-2 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Had Joseph given into temptation, Potiphar’s wife would have blocked Joseph from fulfilling God’s purpose for his life. Nehemiah would never have finished building the walls of Jerusalem if his focus had been on greed and covetousness. Nehemiah’s strength came from his awesome fear of the Lord. “So did not I, because I feared God.” Many preachers say that, in the last days, God is building up a “Joseph church”… The Bible doesn’t say that… It is Jesus who is building His church to be a church that stands on the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God (Matthew 16:18). We need the Joseph spirit today, and the spirit of Nehemiah that says, “But out of reverence for God, I did not act that way.” tells us also Pastor George Belobaba of  the Scripture Nuggets Ministries in I Didn’t Do It Because I Feared God.

As Nehemiah reminded and rebuked the wicked overlords for doing to their own people what they complained about while being subjected to Egyptian bondage and servitude, the rulers of today should be more aware. As in Nehemiah’s time the rulers today should be and are  servants and subject to a higher authority, God the Only One Creator and Lord of heaven and earth, whose name is יהוה, Lord Yahuwah or Jehovah, and if they wish to be treated mercifully by God then they ought to treat their fellow-man just as mercifully.


With thanks to “The Family in Crisis”


To be continued:

  • Fear and protection
  • Condemnation of the World  and Illustration of Justification


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    On the weekend I was talking with a mother of teenaged girls about the statistic that 80% of evangelical, college age kids have premarital sex. Obviously, there’s a problem, and this mother was concerned for the future of the church.People have pointed out the theological and ecclesiastical reasons for this stat: evangelical kids often come from churches that do not clearly teach biblical patterns of marriage and sexuality, and many teens leave church when they move out of their parents’ home for university or work.
    While every child is certainly responsible for their own sins of impurity, at times parents may bear a share of guilt as well. Are we practiced in denying ourselves, taking up our crosses (i.e., crucifying the old man), and following Christ (Luke 9:23)?

Not every child who sleeps around has a self-indulgent parent. Some of the most godly parents I know who have been exemplary in living and teaching the gospel to their children still have a son or daughter who end up in the sin and guilt of fornication. Some children heartbreakingly pursue sexual sin without repentance, turning their back on their faith.
Why would our kids listen to us telling them to pursue purity and godly restraint when we are giving in to shopping addictions, gluttony, love of money, love of pleasure, and other self-indulgent behaviors? We live with an entitlement attitude, bending Scripture’s commands to holiness when they are too uncomfortable or costly. Why are we surprised when our kids sleep around?

This TED talk, by Netherland’s chief of defense Peter van Uhm, explains why we can’t do without guns. With insight and balance, van Uhm explains from a humanistic and humanitarian perspective why guns are now a necessary part of life.
But what Christians often forget in our discussion of guns is that God hates violence, and the people who practice it (Psalm 11:5). There is no specific form of violence singled out here – apparently, God hates all of it because it is man, with no authority or with selfish motives, destroying other men whom He has made in His own image.
Our culture is so full of violence, that we are often blinded to it. As a culture, we practice it, whether by watching violent films or playing violent video games for fun, setting up targets with images of particular people for sadistic target practice, being violent in the way that they hunt to put food on the table, acting violently in the home, or any other selfish way that we hurt other humans who are made in God’s image.

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    Chan describes the paradox between “fearing” God, and “not fearing him” as God’s children and bride. Beginning with the fear of God will lead us to the kind of life in which we are not afraid of anything else, because God is so fearful.
    I would also suggest that the church has not simply bowed to the pressures of contemporary sentiment. The word for “fear” does also mean “respect” and “awe,” and may be coupled with the idea of “terrified,” all depending upon the context. Leviticus 19:30 and 26:2 both use the word “fear” to mean “reverence” in reference to the sanctuary of the LORD. Nehemiah 1:11 mentions a “fearing” of God’s name, which, in that context most reasonably reads “revere.” Psalm 67:7 seems to use that phrase in the same way.
    What I’ve always wondered, though, is how teachers can on the one had say things like “it was happening to them,” giving the impression that it was out of their control (which is in line with the sovereignty of God), and at the same time exhort us modern hearers to begin to act and behave in such a way as to make what happened “then” happen “now.” That is something I’m always perplexed about.
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    The lack of healthy emotions and thoughts will contribute to a totally preventable illness known to many as the disease of the mind.
    a diseased mind is one that is poisoned by thoughts of denial, paranoia, violence, revenge, etc. The thoughts controlling a diseased mind are rampant with plots of retaliation. There is a true lack of discipline in a mind dominated with constant negative or violent thoughts. You are the only person in control of your thoughts. No one forces you to think these thoughts. No one!
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    to think that one person would be subject to another is slavery. Those in positions of authority rule over their SUBJECTS without regard to the needs and well-being of those subjects.This is what Nehemiah found to be happening to his kinsmen and brethren in his homeland.
    Should you not walk in the fear of our God to prevent the taunts and reproach of the nations, our enemies?
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    It seems like every day we face adversities, hardships, difficulties, dangers, misfortunes, and hard times. Our country is filled with poverty, violent crime, and unsaved people. Divorce and AIDS plague our society. Beggars are in our streets and hypocrites sitting on our pews. What can we do with our churches not making budget; our assistant pastors’ committing adultery? What could a man named Nehemiah who lived over two millenniums ago hope to even inspire us to lead God’s sheep to victory in this war? What would Nehemiah say to us today, what sermon would he preach?
    God is great and awesome. This is the reason we fight. This is reason we preach, this is reason we worship, and this is the reason we live and breathe. This is reason we counsel and pray.
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    why do we struggle in our daily lives against life-controlling issues?  Well, we start reverting back to our “old carnal nature”; we allow Satan a foothold when we do this.  At some point, in some facet of our daily walk we have stopped abiding in the secret place of the Most High.
    You may ask, as we have been asked, why are so many Christians “falling”?  They are falling because at some point they stop abiding in Jesus.  They stopped walking in the Spirit;
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    The denial of Paul and Silas of a place they had planned to go was in the plan of God.  Without that denial, the perfect and profound pathway to their (and our) divine destiny would not have come to past. Be encouraged to continue to seek God, wait on His timing and trust the process of your life.  Yes, there was a denial but you are, still and will continue to be divinely destined.Whatever you stand in need of, God will provide.  Know that I will continue to lift you up in prayer and thank God for the good and perfect gifts from the hand and heart of God. The Best Is Yet To Come!
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    For millions of victims, normalcy bias is an incapacitating response to interpersonal abuse at home, at work, at school. It is inaccurate thinking that makes things worse. It manifests in the most dire moments. It shows up as a freeze or panicresponse–think deer in headlights or roadrunner freak-out–and for good reason.The psychological run-up to normalcy bias is this: the person thinks that since something has never happened before, it never will.
    You can see this now in the behavior of people who are tragically uninformed about the big rackets (medicine, law, education, currency, real estate, etc.) and coming maelstrom of readjustment.
    Denial and naiveté, real or postured, will not save you from the ravages of an abusive individual. In fact, this frame of mind actually makes you more vulnerable because it sets you up to be less able to deal with extreme circumstances.
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    After September 11, it was put forward to us that the problem was not Islam, but the radicalization of some Muslims.  And yet the defenders of that formulation also refuse to discuss Muslim radicalization as a tangible reality, rather than a convenient excuse for shelving the topic.Congressman Peter King’s attempts to hold hearings on Muslim radicalization have been met with attacks from the very people who should be welcoming the hearings. If the problem really is a minority of extremists, then why not hold hearings that delve into how this radicalization occurs and what can be done about it?
    No matter how many times Congressman King emphasized that most Muslims are good people, or as he put it, “outstanding Americas”, the accusations of McCarthyism kept coming. By now King has been accused of McCarthyism more often than the actual McCarthy.
    +Our reply: Never weave all pieces on the same loom. The United States of America knows it own fundamentalist believers (the extreme and certain conservative evangelist Christians) who use the American Constitution and laws from an imperialist and one side view. They want to see a freedom in the understanding that every one should believe the same as they do, and have the same way of live they choose for. The same fundamentalism we can find in the Muslim population, were some distorted the Islamic teachings to get more power for themselves and to get other people under their thumb. Those fundamentalists on both sides are trying to form an enslaving incorporation of vexing evil and anathema to liberty.
  • Indonesian children in Australian adult jails (bikyamasr.com)
    The findings and recommendations released Friday by the Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry into the detention of Indonesian minors in Australian jails, is a damning indictment of Government inaction and denial according to a leading advocacy group.
    Mr. Taylor said that it was only when the Australian and Indonesian media started to highlight the shocking truth and plight of these poor and vulnerable children, that action was taken to send some of the kids home.“Sadly, for many of these children they have gone home with the scares and mental health issues caused by extended periods locked-up in adult prisons in Australia. That damage has been done and its simply too late for them.”
  • 10 Tips for Making Sense of Evil: The Colorado Theatre Shooting (drdeborahserani.blogspot.com)
    The conscious motives of anyone who acts with terrifying violence is to destabilize society and evoke mass reactions. Unable to discharge needs of control and aggression by conventional means, a terrorist chooses a chilling and merciless way to get the recognition he seeks.+
    Well-being begins with education. Understanding what psychological trauma is and how it bears down on your biological, chemical and psychological makeup is the first step toward recovery. Psychological trauma is a unique individual experience where you feel emotionally, cognitively, and physically overwhelmed. Some people freeze, needing to rest or detach from the tragedy. If that’s what you works best for you, unplug and do so. Others feel the need to be active and busy to move through the horrifying event. Be it resting or moving, the goal here is to keep you from shifting into hyperarousal (a series of extreme anxiety reactions).
  • Chicago: Aurora all the time (salon.com)
    “I’m tired of hearing children terrorized that can’t go on their front porch, can’t go in their yard, can’t go on the playground to play,” said Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church at a recent rally to raise awareness of the spiraling increase in violence. As he spoke, demonstrators wearing white T-shirts with red stains lay prone on the ground in imitation of gunshot victims, while Pfleger decried the “Wild West” environment that had descended upon this Midwestern city.
    Whereas the theater shooting was relatively unique, mass shootings in Chicago are far from aberrations and any given weekend in the city can see reports of casualty figures that seem more appropriate to Kandahar than a Midwestern American city. Recent examples include a June weekend in which 46 people were shot and eight killed (immediately after a previous weekend in which the figures were 39 shot, seven killed), and the 53 people shot and 10 killed over the past Memorial Day weekend. It is difficult to fathom the level of sheer carnage that must exist to claim the lives of so many people in such a relatively short amount of time, especially given that this violence overwhelmingly occurs in specific corridors (six districts, specifically, which make up the “Murder Corridor”) of the south and west sides of the city. For all its shocking statistics on shootings and murders, Chicago is also home to some of the wealthiest and safest urban areas in the country, which exist just a short drive from neighborhoods that have been turned into charnel houses as a result of gang warfare. That such violence is so geographically concentrated has thus made it easy for many to ignore the issue or shunt it down their list of policy priorities, but for those who live in these neighborhoods it has only served to intensify their misery and sense of alienation.
  • Shooting coverage hard to escape for younger generation (denverpost.com)
    Not many 30-year-olds can point to a specific spring day in high school and remember it in vivid detail.But Sam Granillo can. He was 17 when gunmen killed 12 of his peers at Columbine High School in 1999, and he hasn’t forgotten.
  • Film violence out of control (smh.com.au)
    Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has called on Hollywood to address an excess of violence in the movies.The multiple-Oscar winner made the comments to the Huffington Post in the aftermath of the shooting in Colorado that left 12 people dead and 58 injured at the premiere of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.”I think as filmmakers we should sit down – the Marty Scorseses, the Quentin Tarantinos and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies – and discuss our role in that,” Weinstein said.

  • Colorado Shooting Renews Questions Over Movie Violence(voanews.com)
    Long before James Holmes allegedly opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater, there was debate over whether violent movies spur violent acts.
    Dr. Jay Reeve, the president of a mental health facility in Florida, says it would be wrong to blame movies entirely.  Reeve, who has studied the effects of movies on behavior, says people predisposed to violence are attracted to violent movies.
  • ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Robert Kirkman: Don’t Blame Movies and TV for Real-Life Violence (VIDEO) (celebuzz.com)
    From the creator of one of TV’s most savage shows, The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman says violence in movies and TV should not be castigated for real-life acts of brutality.“I think there are definitely other things that could be demonized,” Kirkman told Celebuzz this week at the 38th annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, which celebrates sci-fi and horror films. “Honestly, I don’t buy into that stuff.”
  • Is a “culture of violence” always a bad thing? (bigthink.com)
    Like most people, I’ve been thinking a lot about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  And over the past week, I’ve seen the tragedy dissected in all manner of ways.  I’ve seen Mommy Bloggers eviscerate (and defend) some of the victims for bringing young children to see a violent film.  I’ve heard seen religious personalities cite James Holmes’ neuroscience education as a reason for his acts, tweeting, “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.”  And, of course, there have been numerous missives discussing the role the American “culture of violence” played in this tragedy.
    For far too many children in American, a “culture of violence” is not something seen in the movies.  It’s what they have to deal with each and every day, on street corners, in their homes and in their schools.  They will see their mother or their siblings hit.  They will understand that wearing the wrong color or shoes could get them shot.  They will see their parents and their friends make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.We have to stop talking about this “culture of violence” as if it is simply a construct.  Because there’s more to it than that.
  • Guns, Jesus and Gandhi: Why arming ourselves to the teeth won’t make us safer (bobmannblog.com)
    Jesus, as we know, was famously against violence and retribution. In Matthew 5:38-40we have this famous passage: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.”He’s not called the “Prince of Peace” for nothing. So, why — given all that Jesus tried to teach his disciples about peace — do so many of his modern-day followers conveniently ignore those teachings when it comes to guns?
  • Manhood, Mental Illness, and The Colorado Massacre by Kevin Powell (hiphopandpolitics.wordpress.com)
    “How come all these crazies are White boys?” my White male friend Michael Cohen asked me via email in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. It is something I have been hearing nonstop these past few days since 24-year-old James Holmes murdered 12 and wounded nearly 60 people in a horrific mass shooting at a screening of the new Batman film.
    these “mass murders” happen daily weekly monthly yearly in neighborhoods of color but those stolen lives barely make the news, if ever. If not for the oral reporting of hip-hop and brilliant songs like Nas’ “Accident Murderers” from his new cd, we’d have no idea that life is the complete opposite of good in the ‘hood. So while I have complete and total compassion for the lives that were taken, wounded, and altered by what happened in Colorado, it also saddens me extremely to know that when it comes to Black and Latino people being murdered rarely are their lives given much public attention. It is that unfortunate and painful reminder that in the eyes of our America their lives don’t matter as much.
    I feel the problem is that we in America are not only unwilling to engage in real and raw conversations about the root causes of violence, but we also are ducking and dodging any dialogue about how we define manhood and what, exactly, mental illness is, and how dangerous it is for everyone when warped notions of manhood collide with someone who is very emotionally unstable.
  • Colorado shooting suspect faces formal charges in court(news.yahoo.com)
    Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes (L) sits with public defender Tamara Brady during his first court appearance in Aurora, Colorado, July 23, 2012. REUTERS/RJ Sangosti/Pool
    Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes

    James Holmes, 24, was arrested shortly after prosecutors say he opened fire at a packed midnight movie premiere of “A Dark Knight Rises” on July 20. Criminal charges against Holmes, who has remained jailed since his arrest, were expected to be formally presented at Monday’s hearing.

    He is also accused of wiring his apartment with enough explosives to have leveled the entire building had they been detonated. It took authorities several days to safely dismantle and dispose of the booby traps.
    Under Colorado law, mental health professionals cannot be held liable in civil suits for failing to predict a patient’s violent behavior unless it involves a “serious threat of imminent physical violence against a specific person or persons.” When such a threat is made, the mental health professional is required to take action, which may include notifying those targeted or a law enforcement agency.

  • The Overwhelming Maleness of Mass Homicide (ideas.time.com)
    We shouldn’t need Steven Pinker, one of the world’s leading psychologists and the author of the book, The Better Angels of Our Nature, to tell us the obvious: “Though the exact ratios vary, in every society, it is the males more than the females who play-fight, bully, fight for real, kill for real, rape, start wars and fight in wars.” The silence around the gendering of violence is as inexplicable as it is indefensible. Sex differences in other medical and social conditions — such as anorexia nervosa, lupus, migraines, depression and learning disabilities — are routinely analyzed along these lines.

  • “Guns don’t kill people,Americans kill people”-Michael Moore (kractivist.wordpress.com)
    Since Cain went nuts and whacked Abel, there have always been those humans who, for one reason or another, go temporarily or permanently insane and commit unspeakable acts of violence.
    At least 24 Americans every day (8-9,000 a year) are killed by people with guns – and that doesn’t count the ones accidentally killed by guns or who commit suicide with a gun. Count them and you can triple that number to over 25,000.That means the United States is responsible for over 80% of all the gun deaths in the 23 richest countries combined.Considering that the people of those countries, as human beings, are no better or worse than any of us, well, then, why us?Both conservatives and liberals in America operate with firmly held beliefs as to “the why” of this problem. And the reason neither can find their way out of the box toward a real solution is because, in fact, they’re both half right.The right believes that the Founding Fathers, through some sort of divine decree, have guaranteed them the absolute right to own as many guns as they desire. And they will ceaselessly remind you that a gun cannot fire itself – that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
  • Why need you have an ideal of non-violence? (teachingsofmasters.wordpress.com)
    You go around preaching all over the world nonviolence. Nonviolence is the ideal. But the fact is that you are violent in your gesture, in the way you talk to your superior or your inferior. Please listen to yourself. I am just pointing it out. You are violent -violent in your gesture, in your thought, in your feeling, in your action. Why can’t you look at that violence? Why need you have an ideal of nonviolence? The fact is you are violent, and the ideal is non-factual; so you create a contradiction in yourself and therefore prevent yourself from looking at the fact of violence.
  • Birmingham area teens’ violent crimes alarming to law enforcement (al.com)
    The number of teens charged with violent crimes is alarming, local law enforcement officials say. Forty-four teenagers — kids between the ages of 13 and 17 — were arrested in the first half of 2012 in Birmingham and unincorporated Jefferson County for the crime of robbery.
    “I believe one of the most critical issues is easy access to firearms,” Roper said. “Too many kids are buying guns on the streets and carrying them home while their parents are oblivious to the danger. Some kids have even posted pictures of themselves brandishing guns on their Facebook page.”Quite often, he said, kids will fight and then post the videos on the Internet, which symbolizes a multitude of negative influences converging on one point.”We have so many kids doing great things all over the city, but there is a group that’s slipping through the cracks,” Roper said. “The bottom line is the family is the first line of defense and should have the greatest impact on these kids.”

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