Help requested for Tristen Simmons who has endocarditis

Brother and Sister Josh and Heather Lindeblad of the Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia (New Jersey) have a nephew that could use some financial help and a lot of prayers.

Heather’s six year old nephew, Tristen Simmons, was born with a heart condition that has required multiple surgeries already and will require more surgeries in the future.

Tristen just turned 6 in May and was due for another checkup. On June 15th 2016, he went in for a routine checkup and they found a mass on his heart. They identified it as endocarditis and he was admitted immediately. He has had to see multiple specialist’s (infectious disease, dermatologist, cardiologist). He is allergic to many meds which only complicated things.

This required them to insert a PICC line that is connected to his heart for medication that he must receive several times a day. They were told that if any germs were to get into the PICC line, it would only take a few days for it to destroy his heart. Unfortunately, his mother lost her job due to taking too much time off to care for him and his father is no longer in the picture. She has begun selling off her furniture to help pay for his medication.

Heather’s other sister has set up a gofundme page that provides more details to Tristen’s medical conditions and his family’s situation.

If anyone would like to donate, but would prefer not to use gofundme, they can reach out to Josh and Heather Lindeblad (their contact information is in the Green Book). The most important request, though, is that we include Tristen and his family in our prayers because we know that our God can work miracles where modern medicine fails.

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