What matters who Melchisedek was, seeing we are not told in the Scriptures?

The suggestion that he was Shem is a mere guess, not warranted by “what is written”. The chief reason urged for concluding that he was Melchisedek is, that his death is not recorded; but that is a mere assumption, seeing that of him it is written; “Shem lived after he begat Arphaxad five hundred years” (Gen. xi. 11), which in the light of verse 10, and what is recorded in the context, implies he then died.

There are many reasons for concluding Shem was not Melchisedek; but what matters? Sufficient for us it is to know what is written; that Melchisedek was Melchisedek, and that he was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ (Psalm ex. 4; Heb. v. 6; vii. 15, 17, 21; Gen.xiv· 18).

F. G. J.

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