Thought for today October 31st: Daniel 9 – Inspiration to pray

In Daniel 9 we hear from Daniel that he understood things from the Scriptures which made him turn to the Most High God to

plead with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes. {Daniel 9:2-3}

Also in other places in the Scriptures we hear people who were faithful to god, who by hearing or reading His Words were inspired to pray to their Divine Creator. More than once we come to read in Scriptures about people who, when things were not so good for them, turned to God and showed their trust in Him by their prayers.

Like Daniel sets his face unto the Lord God, we too should be prepared to look up at our heavenly Father to talk to Him personally.

You can wonder how much you were willing to listen to God’s servants, the prophets, who spoke in His Name to the ancient kings, to many officials, ancestors, high persons and priests, but also

to all of the people of the land. {Daniel 9:6}

God did not give His Words for just a few. They are for all people of the world. Though the majority may not be willing to hear those sacred Words, they are there, for everybody to grasp. They are not only words of guidance, they form a lampstand and a rock, for us to find refuge or a safe haven.

Daniel, knowing how he and his people have sinned, recognizes that righteousness, mercy and forgiveness belongs to his God. (Daniel 9:7-9) Like him we too should direct our eyes and ears to the Most High God, asking Him to open them. Because of God’s mercy we can ask Him to listen to us and to forgive us, asking for His sake, not to wait, because God’s city and God’s people are called by His Name. (Daniel 9:17-19)

When the evening brings the darkness in our day let us look up for the Light and let our spiritual hunger and humility be reflected in our words of prayer. Let us be inspired by God’s Word and have His face to shine upon us, enlightening us. That Jehovah lift up His countenance upon us, watching over us, lavishing peace on us. (Num 6:24-26; Ps 27:8; 105:14)




To be prepared and very well oiled


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4 thoughts on “Thought for today October 31st: Daniel 9 – Inspiration to pray

  1. […] Yesterday we read Daniel 9 were we got an example of how we should direct ourselves to God and find our refuge by Him and not by witches, ghosts or other gods. Many people react negatively to those who do not want to join all the festivities around Halloween, All Saints and All Souls. They laugh at those Christians who prefer not to partake at those worldly festivities. […]


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