Men of God and the Word of God

Men of God and the Word of God

How different to cultivate love in the truth with those who know the truth,‭ ‬and are enamoured of it heartily and thoroughly‭; ‬whose minds are steeped in it because they steep them‭; ‬for,‭ ‬be it always borne in mind,‭ ‬that this is not a thing that comes by accident or depends upon temperament.‭ ‬A man’s natural capacity may have something to do with the success of his studies,‭ ‬but there is no man that will come at the love of the truth by accident.‭

It is quite a matter of business in one sense – a plain case of cause and effect.‭ ‬Here is the truth‭; ‬here is the brain.‭ ‬If the one is put into the other,‭ ‬there will be a result‭; ‬the mind will reflect the divine things contained in the Bible‭; ‬but I know that if I don’t read this,‭ ‬I shall not come under the power of it‭; ‬I shall have no idea of it,‭ ‬and think nothing of it.

‭ ‬If I apply my brain to mathematics,‭ ‬or devote my faculties to business,‭ ‬there will be a similar expenditure of brain power,‭ ‬but with a very different result -a better result in a temporal point of view it may be,‭ ‬but a very different result as regards tone of mind.‭

The views,‭ ‬motives,‭ ‬tastes,‭ ‬and hopes become very different under the two processes.‭ ‬The man having his eyes opened to what the bible reveals,‭ ‬may be very aptly compared to the man in the parable who discovers there is a pearl hid in a certain field,‭ ‬but he knows he cannot get it without digging.‭ ‬Spiritual-mindedness is in the Bible,‭ b‬ut we cannot acquire it except by constant intercourse with the Bible

Ambassador of the Coming Age, May 1868

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