Be an example

• Be thou an example

If we wish to effectually serve Christ let us pay supreme regard to our own conduct.

‭ ‬A careless walk interferes materially with the duties of those in the truth.‭ ‬It not only forms a bad example – and example is by no means an unimportant element in the work of the truth – but it robs us of our courage in speaking to others.‭

For a brother to speak with effect he must be sincere,‭ ‬and to be sincere he must be consistent.‭ ‬Who could exhort others to meditate day and night upon the word when he himself was indifferent to it‭? ‬Or to shun the carnalising amusements of the godless world whilst he himself indulged in them‭? ‬Or to love the brethren whilst he himself fostered hatred towards a particular one‭? ‬Or to resist not evil whilst he himself fights tooth and nail to secure his rights‭? ‬Or to be benevolent when he himself is covetous‭? ‬Or to forsake not assembling together when he himself is often absent‭?

A few may be clever enough to act the double character for a time.‭ ‬But it cannot last long‭ (‬1‭ ‬Jno.‭ ii. ‬19‭)‬,‭ ‬and whilst it does the Spirit repudiates the service‭ (‬Ps.‭ l. ‬16‭–‬23‭)‬.


The Christadelphian, July 1887

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