Prayer Theme for June 2021: Our Father

Prayer Theme for June 2021

Our Father.

In the United Kingdom and Belgium, June is the month where we celebrate Father’s Day.

In Catholic Countries it has been celebrated on 19th March as ‘Saint Joseph’s Day’ since the Middle Ages. The date now varies from country to country but is thought to be celebrated in at least 111+ countries worldwide. It is a day to honour fathers, fatherhood and paternal bonds.

In the United Kingdom it is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of June but does not have a long tradition.

The book ‘The English Year’ (2006) states

“ entered popular British culture sometime following World War Two… was not without opposition”

Now, on this day, we remember our dads, daddies, Papa’s, Fathers by giving cards and gifts and thanking them for being in our lives. Of course, most of us with Fathers celebrate them every day, not just once a year!

Our most Important Father is our Heavenly Father, and we should remember Him more than once a year too. We should remember all that he does for us, loving us unconditionally, and for giving us his only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins.




Dear Lord,

Thank you for our father’s. For the love they give, and for the things they teach.
We understand that you too are our Father, loving us unconditionally, and keeping us wrapped in the comfort of your arms.
For this we give thanks.

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