Letters to the Editor of the Christadelphian

One of the sections of the Christadelphian magazine which has grown in recent years is the Letters page. In this section the views of readers are aired on articles previously published and on other issues. A range of views are expressed in this section and it must be understood that not all the views printed are reflective of the magazine’s editorial stance.

Whilst it is good to have a reasonably broad range of opinions, there are limits as to what can be published, although it is unusual to receive letters expressing extreme views. When giving opinions, it is expected that letter writers do not hide behind anonymity and therefore letters are only published if the author is identified. To make a letter more publishable, brevity is best: a maximum of 250 words is generally applied.

One letter appearing in the February issue draws attention to the poem written by Minnie Louise Haskins. Originally entitled God knows, it became better known as The Gate of the Year having been quoted by King George VI in his Christmas broadcast to the Empire in December 1939. It seems the poem was handed to him by his daughter, the present Queen, who was then Princess Elizabeth, 13 years of age. At a time of great international uncertainty, the Second World War having started only a few months earlier, it expresses a confidence in God which we do well to regard.

Anyone not familiar with the poem will find it here. https://alongthebeam.com/2017/12/31/god-knows-by-minnie-louise-haskins/. Although King George VI only read the first part, the entire sonnet is quoted on a plaque by his tomb in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

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