Self inflicted misery #6 Paying by death

Self inflicted misery to bear

6.     Paying by death

The people Jesus brought to live had to die again. As long as the world did not come to face the End of the Times, the world had to pay for her sins by death. You could say that is the penalty God has given us and the rest of the world. He is a loving and righteous God who does not give further punishments. The punishment of having to dieis already bad enough, and is the worst of all punishments.

Jesus Christ Crucifix
An imagination by people how Jesus Christ died on a cross (instead on the stake) - Image via Wikipedia
Christ after death. - Central part of a mosaic in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem,

But God out of His love has foreseen that those who really want to go for Him can find comfort in the hope for better tidings. For us death has not to be the tragedy as it is for lots of men. It may be a solace that we may find consolation in the work of Christ Jesus the Saviour, who was willing to give his body for us all. Thanks to the offer of this man any man or woman, accepting him, may aspire to a live in God’s future Kingdom forever.


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14 thoughts on “Self inflicted misery #6 Paying by death

  1. We have all heard talk about passing from life to death; how we slip out of this mortal coil and into the next world, but there isn’t much talk about passing from death to life. The only place that we might hear such talk is at a Christian funeral, when the minister mentions the deceased as having picked up the next life. Thank God that we have better news than that!


  2. People should look for the real man and not follow the worldly traditions and spur of the moment feelings. Like every time something terrible happened we see them or hear them contacting churches.
    But we have to be aware that, when churches grow because some disaster has occurred we can be assured of one thing for certain: those who come to find help during the aftermath will leave as soon as the trouble has faded from memory. They’re users of God, seeking help in times of distress rather than servants of God, adhering to Him in worship and Fellowship in spite of and regardless of events or situations.

    God-users, like all similar persons, have a mercenary attitude towards life. ’What can I get’ is their central question, not ‘what can I give’. And when the pot goes empty and the lamp runs dry they’ll depart to greener pastures.


  3. JC Philpot (1802-1869) wrote:

    “Now, see what benefits and blessings spring out of a union with the Son of God. Why did God quicken your soul? Because you were a member of Christ. Why were you raised up to “a good hope through grace?” Why did mercy, peace, and pardon flow into your soul? Why were you brought out of misery and death into the light of God’s countenance, and had a precious Christ revealed to your heart? Because in the day, when the Son of God rose triumphant from the tomb, you, as a member of his mystical body, rose there and then with him. Why are you sometimes privileged to have your affections on things above, attain any victory over sin, death, hell, and the grave, find your enemies put under your feet, and look forward at times with a sweet anticipation of eternal joys? Because, as a member of Christ’s mystical body, you have already ascended, and are already sitting at the right hand of God with Christ, who is sitting as the Head of his body there.”

    We do have to wait until the return of Jesus before we shall be taken out of the death, but being in the grave we shall feel nothing and have no sense of time, so even if it takes many more days our life shall be as yesterday and our resurrection as tomorrow.
    But knowing those marvellous things we can live in certainty in a spiritual grace of going over death and staying a life in Christ. That is our gracious Hope.


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