Christadelphian Office Online discount weekend – July 1-3, 2022

The Christadelphian Office in Birmingham is holding its online discount weekend from midnight, Friday July 1 to midnight, Sunday July 3 (British Summer Time). During the weekend a 15% discount will apply to all new books (including hymn books and Bibles), gifts and cards.

Books from other Christadelphian publishers have a discount of 10%. For second-hand books, a 25% discount applies when five or more are purchased, and a 50% discount for purchases of 10 or more.

The offers are available throughout the weekend, however the order is placed (online, by e-mail or by phone). Please note that no extended opening hours apply on Saturday morning (normal opening hours are 9 am to 12 noon) but the discounts will be available to all purchases made in person that morning.

Looking ahead, the next Book Sale and Open Day is scheduled for December 3, 2022 when the usual discounts, displays and refreshments will be available.

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