New Start Study Week

Who would not like sometimes to have the ability to come to a New Start? In our regions it is now the yearly Summer Holiday and in September schools and businesses start their new academic year.

Some of our brethren and sisters thin k of a new year only 6 months later. In January Brother Rob Oousthuizen; with his wife Sis Rachelle and their six children (The Oostie Family, as they say) will present a  New Start Study Week: Sunday 1st of January to Friday 6th January 2017 – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

HunterPA.pngTheme – A New Start for People of God
Venue – Hunter Performing Arts Centre, Broadmeadow.

As a subcommittee of the New South Wales Christadelphian Committee (NCC), NewStart will promote unity and appeal to all local, state and interstate ecclesias. The NCC provides Child protection, Insurance and Copyright for music.

Like the 2016 Sydney Family Conference, NewStart is a *commuting* style event. Some of the many benefits will be: keeping costs low for families; and also allowing many visiting families from Sydney, country and Interstate to be hosted by local brothers and sisters (see website for details).

Newcastle view.jpg
Central Newcastle in 2007, viewed from Stockton, across the harbour.

Families can choose to either commute, or, book accommodation around Newcastle city. There are many beautiful and relaxing places around the city to visit and enjoy during the NewStart week.

The name, NewStart, contains a lot symbolism. Firstly, the aim is to assist us all to start the new year in a spiritual frame of mind. Secondly, it also signifies a new start in cooperation and unity amongst the Newcastle/Central Coast area ecclesias and the wider brotherhood.

An edifying and spiritually uplifting program has been planned, including: key note studies; devotional sessions using local and Sydney brethren; children’s program; preaching; music and praise; and lots of opportunities for fellowship and socialising over coffee and cake.
There will be many opportunities for members to participate and assist in the operations of NewStart and all volunteers are welcome.

City of Newcastle logo.jpgThe conference is to be held at the Hunter Theatre, just out of Newcastle city. There are a range of facilities available at the venue, including cafe areas and sporting fields, plus the venue is just a short drive to the beach + tennis courts, squash courts, walking trails, and picnic areas. Click for more info.

Those who are coming from out of town are invited to stay with friends in the local area. You can contact them yourself or take advantage of our billeting system (see accommodation tab). 

We look forward to joining with you at this exciting study week for all ages and believe it will help us build up the faith and love of God’s people as we await the return of our Lord. We ask for your ecclesial and individual prayers that NewStart Study week might be a spiritual success, please.

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