The most positive change I made

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

No one chose to be here on this globe. It is simply our parents who have ensured that we are now part of a large population here that manages to do violence to her environment all too easily.

Exceptions-which confirm the rule

As we grow up, we experience a lot of pleasant and unpleasant things, which together guide and help define our lives. In our first years of life, we are trained mainly by others. It takes a long time before we dare to stand on our own two feet. One day, however, that moment arrives when we want to tear ourselves away from all those impressionable rope pullers. Winds and impressions come at us from all sides, sometimes throwing us off course. Because of those powerful forces of this world, there are not many who dare to row against the current. The exceptions confirm the rule.

We are constantly being told and advised to do this or that. Everyone around us knows how to advise us on how not to do it and how to do it.
Through trial and error, we learn the things of life and come to right ourselves, but also to go our own way in the way we choose.

Breaking free from the world

For me, too, there came a long time of many doubts. Many questions that most people could not answer. Even priests had to be absent.

I myself searched a book in which I did seem to find confidence. However, for years the Church had told its faithful that they could not possibly understand without the spiritual explanations of the Church Fathers. According to those clerics, we needed them to gain sufficient understanding of the Bible.

After doing a lot of research and comparing the many denominations I came across in my neighbourhood, I finally decided to take a huge step into ‘space’. Even though I saw that the majority of people chose to stick to human traditions I went against that and chose to stick to Biblical teachings.

To the question

Describe one positive change you have made in your life

I can say with certainty that it was my choice to go for God that would turn my whole life around. The upheaval did not go smoothly right away, but over the years I became more certain that I had chosen the right path and that if I had known it before with the same certainty, I would have enthusiastically gone for it before.



Busy, fast-paced lives, thinking there are not enough hours for God

Time for this and that

Reaching more people every day


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