Busy, fast-paced lives, thinking there are not enough hours for God

In our busy, fast-paced lives, it can feel like the hours fly by and we don’t have enough moments to devote to the activities and pursuits that truly inspire or energise us.

We are so taken by our daily duties, we often forget Who is giving us all the hours and minutes of the day and night to stay alive.

Too many people do forget that by continuous learning we can feed our minds and help us to feel like we are growing as a person, be assured by the difference between a human being and an animal. Though there might be a lot of people who behave like animals, we want to be different to them and show the world there is another way than being a slave of this world.

When you look around you, you shall see many people who really are a slave to their work or to the company they are working for. Often they are even not aware of it.

Some who call themselves Christians think that by going to Sunday mass they have accomplished their Christian task for the whole week. Those Christians like the majority of non-believers do not consider that the day they were allowed to begin could well be the last. They do not even want to think that in a few minutes or hours their last hour might strike.

However, we must realise that our lives are finite and could be over at any moment. That is why it is so important what we do, how we do things and how we prepare for that death that will come.

We do agree with all the work we have to do to earn enough money to stay alive, and for getting enough family time, also thinking of the many commitments we have, finding time to learn and explore new subjects and to deepen ourselves in the Word of God isn’t always easy. Though, we should learn that we have to make learning from Scripture a priority and be intentional about making the time for it and for the Highest of highest.

Many do not want to know at all Who or What God is and what He would be of Plan with this world. Yet they live and work in this world and what will happen to them will happen to many people. We come into the world, but we will also die and realise before we die, that we have let times pass that we might have used better. But before we are effectively dead, it will be too late. It is before then that we will have to make the right decisions. It is before we die that we will have to have done the right things.

As we are quietly approaching the time when we will commemorate Jesus’ death, it is best to reflect on our possible death too. Furthermore, we should also consider how we want to fit Jesus and his God into our lives, or if, like the majority of the population, we walk past Jesus and God?!

Overall, it is true that we each have unique things we wish we could do more of each day. But have you ever thought or wondered if you would not have to spend more time for our God?



Let us be thoughtful the coming week from 2023 April 5-6th onwards, the 14th day of Nisan beginning on the night of the full moon after the northern vernal equinox. Passover being celebrated for seven or eight days, one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays and the most important festival for real Christians.



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