Children’s picture books

Picture books are a fantastic start along the road of building and increasing a child’s vocabulary.

Many picture books these days seem to be either mediocre in quality or, alternatively, they deliberately promote a worldview and behaviours that are ungodly.

he says and also remarks:

The language used can also be cheap and crude, and frequently authors seem to want to sink to a child’s level, using toilet humour and other unsavoury language to supposedly engage the child.

It is never too early to introduce our children to virtue through powerful storytelling. If we want our children to embrace godly characteristics as they grow, it just makes sense to read them books that promote those characteristics.

Reading children's books

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Picture booklist (Download)

Here is my full list of nearly 200 books and their authors along with my comments about them:

This is the first in a series of suggested lists of books for children and young people. This list incorporates picture books for three-to-eight-year-olds and is made up of mainly non-biblical stories. We are putting together another list for biblical stories as part of the series.

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