Today’s Thought (August 09): Stilling the storm

Jesus of Nazareth invested the tiny band that he called apart to testify to him and all he stood for with a staggering responsibility. Into all the world they were to go. Not with the hope of converting the world, but with the aim of creating and forming a redemptive society that would be as the savour of salt in a world of corruption.

In parable, metaphor and allegory, the Gospels illuminate the Master’s teaching as embodying the one element of performance and true selfhood in a world of doubt, changeableness and transience. To build on it was to build on a rock; by it one entered the light and joy of the bridal festivities while outside was the darkness; to bear witness to it was to be bearing lamps which shone with divine illumination; it was enduring bread and living water. In the wild darkness of the stormy night human guidance was in vain, and all their rowing brought no aid to a boat sinking with water. They were unable to discern any ethical landmarks; in all their doubts and fears they were in jeopardy. It was the voice of the Lord which stilled their storm.

Alan Eyre, The Protesters, page 192.

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